• La Grande-Bretagne: Le théâtre de l’absurde!


    Above, a deliberately politically incorrect image of a young lady in a festive costume.

    Just when you though the PC brigade could not push the boundaries any further, there crops up a story that demonstrates there is no level of ludicrousness these zealots will not descend/rise to.

    Such is the intensity of their belief in their own moral and political righteousness, the normal inbuilt self doubt – that the psyche has to protect itself from error – is noticeable by it’s complete absence in their case leading to the inevitable extraordinary outcomes. One such in the festive season is – would you believe it – the question of a “gender neutral” Santa Claus!
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/2654ab3e-0699-48bd-994e-f5ffbb9b6ad3
    The problem of political correctness is compounded by the timidity of those who would criticise for fear of being labelled “bigoted” or “discriminatory” or “………..ist” in it’s many and varied manifestations.

    This timidity of course is not something this organ and it’s Editor has and as a result both are regarded very much as being completely beyond the pale by the PC brigade and it’s supporting snowflakes.
    Do we care?

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