• 1,175,000 (2011) 4,254,853 (est. 2017)

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    Above, Asia Bibi, currently being hidden from a vengeful, bigoted mob in Pakistan.

    From time to time, this organ likes to use titles that causes the reader to think and question.

    Well, 1,175,000 is the 2011 UK census of the number of British Pakistanis resident in the UK – most of them – but not all – Muslims. 4,254,853 is the 2017 estimate of the number of Christians living in Pakistan.

    Here is a FACT: Being a Christian in Pakistan is VERY VERY different from being a Muslim in the UK!

    Now the Editor is fully aware that the politically correct will have an apoplectic fit and will doubtless report the Editor, this organ and this article as a “hate crime” – being an incitement to religious and racial hatred.

    Your Editor looks forward to the knock on the door from Devon and Cornwall Police and if arrested and subsequently charged will elect for trial by jury in the Crown Court. Your Editor will not instruct a solicitor or a barrister but will defend himself and looks forward to giving whatever barrister the Crown Prosecution Service chooses to put up a Master Class in how to conduct a defence!

    Today the BBC reports that Jeremy Hunt has ordered a review into persecuted Christians’ plight overseas.
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46682411
    The following hypertext links will prove instructive:

    It will be seen that Pakistan recently received £463 million in aid from the UK. One can be fairly certain that the Foreign Office will be in contact with the Pakistan government about Asia Bibi.
    This organ will make a prediction: It may well be the case that the Pakistan supreme court will overturn the acquittal but also commute the death sentence to a fine – of gigantic proportions. Which will of course be paid by foreign donations. Asia Bibi will then be flown out of Pakistan on a military transport to either Canada, the USA or the UK. Following her arrival in her new homeland she will receive taxpayer funded armed police protection 24/7 ~ 365 for the rest of her life. She can expect several attempts to be made on her life with the likelihood that her attackers will either be shot and killed by the police or arrested and subsequently imprisoned.

    Not only that, but these terrorists (and that is what Asia Bibi’s assailants will be) will likely seek to attack those connected (even loosely) to Asia Bibi – such as her fellow Christians at her local church.

    Of course, there are those who will suggest that this demonstrates how Muslims are intolerant. However, we would suggest that one considers the following hypothetical and utterly impossible scenario:

    Suppose in England in 1518 – just 500 years ago – there was a sect of Christians who worshipped using a Bible that had been translated into English and had women priests and also thought that persons of the same gender could undergo a ceremony of Christian marriage?

    The Reader knows the fate that would befall them. Not only would they be executed but they would be executed in a most hideous and barbaric way. Not only that, this act of barbarism would be carried out in public. And here is another FACT: The crowd of bloodthirsty bigoted morons cheering at the gruesome spectacle would have been YOUR ancestors Dear Reader!

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