• Being human…….


    Above, an attractive young lady doing what many young ladies do; strip down to their underwear, stand in front of a full length mirror and with that signature item of the early 21st Century, the “smart ‘phone”, take a “selfie” – a word which a mere two decades ago would not have been understood – and proceed to publish it to all and sundry of the internet!

    Naturally, in seeking to preserve whatever remains of the young lady’s anonymity, we have blacked out her face to prevent identification!

    The reason why we have used this image is to illustrate that human beings do things that seemingly have no sensible explanation, other than they enjoy doing them! The other most obvious conclusion to draw is that whilst some human beings enjoy doing certain things, other human beings do not and under no circumstances would emulate them. This certainly is the case with your Editor dear reader! You can rest assured that there are NO circumstances that would have me stand in my underpants at do what the young lady above has done!

    Along with doing very different things, human beings also hold very different views on various topics. This was a subject touched upon by Her Majesty the Queen in her Christmas Message where she counselled her fellow citizens to maintain respect for each other no matter what the difference in views. Doubtless, were the opportunity to present itself, Her Majesty would doubtless hand out some good and sensible advice to the young lady!

    Today, Dr. North again returns to his self appointed role of taking to task many of those involved in the Brexit process.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87099
    As on numerous occasions before, Dr. North takes the media to task for the desultory standards employed in communicating what now cannot really be called, news to their listeners/readers/viewers.

    The sad fact is that these publications and other news sources get away with it because the public allow them to. The FACT of the matter is that we are a mere 91 days away from a potential catastrophic “No Deal Brexit” and vast numbers of the general public are completely sanguine about it!

    Recently, Mount Etna has been active. It serves to remind us that Mount Vesuvius, erupted in AD 79 in one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in history. The volcano will have served notice upon the residents of Pompeii but the residents failed to take heed and as a result perished.

    It serves to remind us of the 1969/70 bawdy comedy “Up Pompeii!” starring Frankie Howerd. I as a 14/15 year old would never would have believed it had I been told that in my 60s I would witness a similar farcical “Carry on…” played out in real life at the Palace of Westminster!

    Fiction and reality are further links by the two personalities (one fictional the other real) of “Senna the Soothsayer” (played by Jeanne Mockford) who constantly warned of impending death and destruction and Doctor North!

    And of course, both were ignored and the lady was proved correct!

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