• Brexit: Political System Failure!


    Readers confronted with the above image on their computers would be very concerned as it could well mean a complete loss of data that had not been backed up. Computer owners – particularly business owners – understand the catastrophic consequences that can accompany such and event.

    Yet many of these same people seem incapable of getting the message that has been assiduously been told by such as Doctor North. In his blog-post today, Doctor North gives and excellent explanation of some of the mess we are in.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87107
    Politically, what we are looking at is a failure of the political system in the UK. By political system we do not just mean those MPs who are currently elected to Parliament. The definition encompasses all political organisations and parties within the UK including the minor parties such as UKIP who lack representation in the Commons. The definition includes the media and the political commentariat as well as those members of the public interested in current affairs.

    What we appear to be looking at is a system that has broken down; there is the potential of a catastrophic economic downturn that will have very major implications way beyond the economic and yet large numbers of folk do not seem to fully appreciate – or appreciate at all – the danger. Those such as virtually every – UKIP member – airily dismiss such as “Project Fear”.

    Well with Brexit Day in 84 days time, we do not have that much longer to find out!

    • I would not say UKIP ” airily dismisses as project fear ” what is said here. Over the last 40 years, every aspect of British life has stealthily been suffocated by thousands, not hundreds, of ‘ directives ‘ and EU law so that the bureaucrats can claim that it is impossible for any country in the continent of Europe to exist, let alone trade, on its own.
      Brexit will not happen overnight and no doubt there will be constant awkward interruptions to many businesses after 29th March..
      But businesses, large and small, go bankrupt every week. The same will happen after 29th March. The Govt has wasted over 2 years and has kowtowed to the EU far too much. We will continue to trade all over the world after 29th March. Some businesses will fail but others will prosper, with new ones starting as new opportunities arise in spite of the doom ~& gloom Remoaners. I heard that boring old Bilderburg Clark moaning away on Radio 4 this morning. Dear oh dear, get a life, man !

      Just you wait and see. There’s no ‘fear ‘of that. A Happy New Year to you all.

    • Is the Gazette view that Dr North is the Messiah we all should follow?

      What qualifications has he got? Or track record?

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