• Final (?) Act: Scene 1 (?): Yet another hullabaloo!


    Returning briefly to the black comedy that is the farce, “Brexit” now playing at the Palace of Westminster, we display an image of one of the characters Speaker BERCOW (the acronym for, “Bombastic Europhile Remaniac Cretinous Old Windbag).

    Using the despot’s excuse for a breach of precedent – “If precedent was not broken nothing would change!” – The Speaker (for it is He!) brought about a vote that seriously curtails Madame Mayhem’s ability to run out the clock on Brexit. Paradoxically therefore we have a situation that for malign motives he MIGHT have done some public good. The backlash from the comics, sorry, newspapers, was predictable.
    The BBC provides a convenient online sample list below.
    GOTO: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-46818717
    Amidst all the shouting, heckling, barracking and general hurling of insults accompanied by the occasional egg and tomato we have of course to mentally refer back to reality and not the fantasy world inhabited by that delusional group of fools known as the “Ultra Brexiteers” (UBs) and small number of an equally deluded group known as the “Refusnik Remainiacs” (RRs).

    In the Commons chamber the UBs tend to populate the government benches whilst the RRs tend to populate the opposition benches. The UBs utter the mantra “No deal is no problem!” whilst the RRs appear to be unaware that Madame’s negotiated withdrawal agreement is what is is described as; a withdrawal agreement”, believing it to be something more permanent.

    It is therefore necessary to appraise – AGAIN – these lunatics who have taken over the asylum of reality.

    The choices before these lunatic is stark. And limited.

    They have THREE choices. They are:

    #1: Approve and subsequently ratify Madame’s “Deal” (aka the Withdrawal Agreement).

    #2: Reject and refuse to ratify Madame’s “Deal” (aka the Withdrawal Agreement) and proceed to a “No Deal Brexit”.

    #3: Reject and refuse to ratify Madame’s “Deal” (the Withdrawal Agreement) and proceed to repeal The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (c. 16) and all subsequent associated legislation and rescind the UK’s Article 50 Notification and remain within the EU on the existing terms.
    The conventional wisdom is that pursuing #3 would require the consent of the British People in a second referendum.
    All persons desirous of Brexit being carried out need to realise that ONLY #1 will bring this about!

    To their protestations that Madame has negotiated a very bad deal, this organ would have to agree. As to what the long term relationship between the UK and the EU turns out to be, this will be decided as a result of the negotiations during the period the withdrawal agreement is in force! There are choices. A “Norway” type agreement could be negotiated as could a “Canada” type agreement.

    Those who either seek or are no bothered about a “No Deal Brexit” need to realise that such an eventuality would more than likely bring about that which they would most fear: A re-entry of the UK into the EU! Were this to happen the UK would have to join on very different terms!
    There would be: No Rebate! The UK would have to rejoin the ERM prior to adopting the Euro – which would mean ceding economic and financial sovereignty. The UK would have to join the Schengen Area which would mean the thousands of migrants whose destination is the UK would duly arrive here!

    Were a “No Deal Brexit” to come about on and after Friday 29th March 2019 there would be a period of chaos which we estimate would last up to six months. During that time, UK assets such as equities, land and property would drop in value. Dramatically. Upon the UK rejoining the EU and joining the ERM the government would be forced to introduce harsh policies of austerity. This would have the effect of balancing the books at HM Treasury and would bring about an eventual increase on the value of UK assets such as equities, land and property. Thus the rich people in the UK would gain twofold. Firstly by a process known as “shorting” (selling assets and buying them back at a lower price) and secondly seeing a profitable return on the assets in any event. This is because UK governments whether lead by Comrade Corbyn or whoever succeeds Madame as Tory leader, would not be allowed to introduce policies such as renationalisation and tax and spend.

    Thus those advocating a “No Deal Brexit” would not end up with “Taking Back Control” but “Giving up Control”.
    It is therefore imperative that a “No Deal Brexit” must be avoided at all cost!

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