• Brexit: Smelling blood!


    Above, Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna.

    Comrade Corbyn’s response to Madame Mayhem’s entreaty brought with it some criticism.

    In it’s statements, Labour has clearly not given up on the idea of defeating the government with a No Confidence Motion.

    Had Labour’s NCM yesterday evening had succeeded there was still time before Friday 29th March 2019 to conduct a General Election. However, with each day that passes that window is closing. In a fortnight’s time that window will have closed. Which means that should Labour succeed in bringing about a General Election, Article 50 would have to be extended.

    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87119), Doctor North shows that the EU is just as unprepared for the consequences of a No Deal Brexit as the UK and that the EU would be damaged as well. Thus, were at the last minute the UK government were to request an extension of time to allow a General Election, it would in all likelihood be granted.

    It is generally received wisdom that, “Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.” This of course is a British version of the American “Turkeys do not vote for Thanksgiving.”

    It is an interesting analogy for the statement implies knowledge on the part of the turkeys of their fate. Which of course they do not have! In that the analogy can be applied to nearly all UKIP members and many Tories who believe that “No Deal” is “No Problem”.

    However, it is an undoubted FACT that many Tories such as Anna Soubry DO believe that “No Deal” is “A very big problem.”

    Tories such as Anna are faced with a nightmare scenario. It appears that there is no solution to her party’s dilemma.

    A political crisis appears unavoidable! This because for the ERG, “No Deal” is acceptable. This also because for the DUP, “The Deal” is unacceptable. This because for nearly all Labourites, all Lib-Dems and the SNP “No Deal” is unacceptable.

    Therefore the Tories are in an impossible situation!

    Comrade Corbyn MUST know that the ONLY two ways that “No Deal” can be ruled out is:
    #1: Ratify “The Deal”
    #2: Revoke Article 50.

    Comrade Corbyn MUST also know that ANY Brexit deal that satisfies the demands of the Irish Republic cannot and will NOT satisfy the demands of the DUP!

    Thus as the Article 50 clock counts down to 11PM on Friday 29th March 2019, Tories like Anna must realise that were a No Deal Brexit to take place whilst Madame Mayhem was in office, the Tories would be landed with the responsibility for the disaster. Anna would know that there would be very few Tories who would survive the electoral tsunami that would inevitably engulf them. It would matter tittle if the individual Tory was a Remainer of a Leaver. The wrath of the electorate would NOT discriminate!

    Anna is the Member for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire and her majority is a mere 863. Anna knows that she will be one of the early causalities and may well be reflecting on the unfairness of life when she contemplates Madam Mayhem’s majority of 26,457 in Maidenhead. In such an election, Madame will be like a General in the Great War ensconced in the safety of a French châteaux many miles behind the battle line witnessing at a safe distance the slaughter of what was known by all as “the poor bloody infantry”.

    Anna however may well be able to take some little comfort from experiencing a modest degree of schadenfreude from the experiences of the DUP for a Corbyn government will shaft them!

    However, there will be others indirectly affected being the paymasters of the Tory party who will be looking at the unfolding nightmare scenario. Businessmen are used to doing two things:

    #1: cutting losses and:

    #2: making painful and unpopular decisions.

    These paymasters may very well come to the conclusion in a fortnight or so’s time that the least worst option is to acquiesce in a General Election and a Corbyn government in the knowledge that the EU would be in no position to refuse a Labour government request for an additional 2 years on the Article 50 clock.

    A Corbyn government brought about whereby a No Deal Brexit is avoided would mean that all the bullshit about “No Deal” being “No Problem” would not be shown to be bullshit. The defeat that the Tories would suffer would not be of cataclysmic proportions and the many Tories such as Jacob Ress-Mogg will continue to peddle their “No Deal, No Problem” bullshit in safety.

    It MUST be pointed out that many of the companies that Comrade Corbyyn wants to nationalise are owned by EU companies and these companies will see to it that EU member states will make it clear that such nationalisations will not help Comrade Corbyn make a good deal.

    It MUST also be pointed out that Comrade Corbyn will very quickly come up against the problem of lack of money and will find that he will be forced to disappoint his thousands of left wing supporters.

    Comrade Corbyn will of course be able to make savings. The two expensive aircraft carriers will be sold off to India for scrap metal value! As will the Type 45 destroyers. The expensive F35 aircraft will be cancelled. As will new Trident submarines. The Trident boats will themselves be scrapped. The Royal Navy WILL receive some new ships however. These will be a dozen or so large offshore patrol vessels. These are cheap ships that can do virtually every job a Royal Navy vessel has to do except one: Fight the enemy! As well as being cheap they are seaworthy, slow and do not need large crews.

    The Tory paymaster are likely to come to the conclusion that the optimal solution in present circumstances is to preserve the Tory party in existence to be able to take up the reigns of government in five years time when Comrade Corbyn has made a mess of things!

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