• Madam Mayhem: Reaching the end of the road.


    These days, Sunday morning generally finds me in church. It is not that I have suddenly “got religion” but since moving from the West Riding of Yorkshire to Cornwall, I have attached importance to getting involved in things and being sociable.

    Lonely people should give it a try!

    Which is why I am still a member of UKIP.

    Every so often the St Ives and the Isles of Scilly UKIP branch organise a Sunday Lunch. It is a social and not a political do. On these Sunday’s I forsake the church pew for a pub chair and table.

    This lunchtime I was in the Queen’s Arms in Breage, a village some 4 miles west of Helston just off the A394.

    The consequence was that I took my walk along the coast to Kenidjack Cliff Castle somewhat later. It was raining as I parked my car in the National Trust car park above the Botallack Mine. I waited a quarter of an hour for the rain cloud to pass over and then after 4, as the sun was much lower in the western sky than when normally set off, I set off. As I reached Kenidjack Cliff Castle the sun had set below the horizon and the pale through to dark dappled blues and greys of the Western Approaches presented one of nature’s mosaics against the darkening relief of Cape Cornwall and the promontory of Land’s End beyond. Looking out on the Western Approaches as day ended one could not help but think that some credence should be attached to reports in the tabloid press about a snap General Election being called for Madame has reached the end of the road – just as I am at the end of England.

    Do not therefore be totally surprised Dear Reader if Madame announces four things in the House of Commons tomorrow.
    #1: She will ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election.
    #2: She will be standing down as Prime Minister and Party Leader and will be recommending to the Queen to appoint Amber Rudd to take her place as Prime Minister.
    #3: She will not be contesting Maidenhead in the forthcoming election and will be leaving front line politics.
    #4: That she will be recommending to her Constituency Party to select Amber Rudd as her replacement and to select another Conservative candidate for Hastings.

    • Your picture has to be one of the famous EU designated roads built at at vast expense to us, that go nowhere!

      What makes you think Amber Rudd would be a shoe-in for PM? There is no other candidate suitable/able to do the job?


    • Really?
      What policy would the Tories be able to invite on in an election
      Surely not another remainer
      I do not buy it
      Graham calderwood

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