• Brexit: The infantilisation of politics.


    The above satire sums up well the parlous state of political debate and discussion in today’s Britain.

    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87125), Doctor North “takes no prisoners” in his condemnation of today’s state of affairs in the Brexit crisis. And with 66 days to Brexit Day and so sign of a withdrawal agreement been enacted, one can reasonably describe this as a crisis. Indeed, it would be unreasonable not to!

    In yesterday’s article we drew the reader’s attention to the British Constitution. It must be realised that the “Glorious Revolution” was a coup d’état in a similar manner to the various such takeovers in third world states from time to time.

    It must also be realised that the British Constitution was supposed to function in a not totally dissimilar manner to the US Constitution which was based upon it. The difference being of course that the US Constitution was (by the standards of the time) fully democratic (both the executive and legislative branches were elected) and the British Constitution was partially democratic (the executive and half the legislative [the House of Lords] was either hereditary or appointed). In the case of the British Constitution two things developed side by side. They were:
    #1: A steady and progressive introduction of democracy.
    #2: A takeover by the majority cabal in the House of Commons of the functions of the executive.
    NB: It is important to recognise that whilst #1 has the backing of statute law, #2 does not!

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