• This woman does NOT exist!


    British Gazette readers will know by now that we promote – by linking to it – the EU Referendum blog of Doctor Richard North. Throughout the 2016 referendum campaign promoted Flexcit written by Doctor North and others as the only doable and practical Brexit strategy. Unfortunately, the UK’s experience since Midsummer’s Day 2016 has borne this out.
    Doctor North has show huge resilience and stamina in persistently attempting to bring realism to the fantasists in power in the land. His efforts today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87144) are typical.
    Two effective means of communication are analogies and pictures. Of course, the Good Lord when He was on Earth, choose analogies to put across the points he wanted to put across to his errant creations. Following Doctor North’s advice that those in power pay great attention to the “prestige” of a source, it is clear that the analogy’s source is unimpeachable! As to pictures; it has been famously said that a picture paints a thousand words. Thus we have chosen to make the point using the image of the alluring young lady above.

    The most obvious thing about the image is that it is of course of a young lady who not only does not but indeed cannot exist. Scientists have now mapped the entire human genome and one thing is clear; it is impossible to re-engineer or resequence the genome to produce a human or quasi-human that has the ability in the hands the young lady clearly possesses.

    Doubtless British Gazette readers will have grasped and accepted this. However some appear remarkably resistant to accepting other facts. Madame Mayhem and her colleagues appear to be incapable of accepting certain facts. Many “Ultra-Brexiteers” such as Rees-Mogg, Redwood and Farage appear incapable of accepting the fact that a No Deal Brexit will be an economic disaster.

    We will end by paraphrasing the Unfortunate President Clinton: “You cannot have sexual intercourse with that woman!”

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