• A “No Deal Brexit”: What part of “It won’t work!” Do you NOT understand?


    The above YouTube video is an excellent presentation debunking perpetual motion.

    That we should be a mere 31 days away from what, “as of now” is still Brexit Day and we are STILL in a position where we can ask this question is testimony to the FACT that our political system has failed in respect of the issue of the UK’s EC/EEC/EU membership.

    This failure however has been a very long time coming and did NOT start when the EU referendum campaign started in 2016. It started long before, in the 1960s in fact when the UK was seeking to join what was then – in the UK – called the “Common Market”.

    Indeed, the very term epitomised and was evidence of what was at the core of the strategy to get the UK to become a member of the EC/EEC/EU: Deception. The term was invented to conceal the real nature of the EC/EEC/EU from the British People. Membership was touted as being a member of some sort of Free Trade Association. Indeed, UKIP’s former leader Nigel Farage used to make regular references to this in his speeches.

    Of course, no one can say what would have happened had the UK not joined the EC on New Year’s Day 1973. We can speculate, but it will always be speculation. The most probable outcome would have been that the UK along with Norway and Ireland (and possibly Denmark and Sweden) would have negotiated a type of “Norway Option” being members of EFTA and joining the EEA. Had this have taken place it is entirely reasonable to assume that those nations (excluding East Germany) that had been members of the Warsaw Pact would have joined EFTA and then after a period of adjustment, joined the EEA. Thus there would have been two groups of what are known as “Western Nations” in Europe.

    Whilst speculating in the future of the UK and Scandinavia, it is also important to speculate upon how the EC/EEC/EU would have developed. Again, it is entirely reasonable to assume that “The Six” would have integrated deeper, earlier and faster than they have done so, but would have been joined by Malta, Portugal and Spain. Thus at the beginning of the 21st Century, we would have had a Europe we would have had a Europe delineated into three blocs from west to east. We would have had the EU (including East Germany in a unified Germany) that would in effect have become a de-facto supra-national confederation (a sort of democratic Holy Roman Empire); then a looser association (led by the UK) of Scandinavia and the former Warsaw Pact nations and then; Belarus (Byelorussia), Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine.

    Now many Brexiteers and Remainers will scoff at this and deride it as pointless speculation, but the British Gazette would beg to differ. This is because the above speculative scenario is adjudged by most competent modern historians as the most likely outcome in the range of “What If” scenarios. If you doubt this do your own research and check it out for yourselves.

    The reason why this speculation is so important is that it identifies a major player behind the campaign to get the UK to join the EC/EEC/EU. This was the USA, or more specifically, the State Department of the United States of America. Now, whilst the average man or woman “on the street” in Omaha, Nebraska may typically be notoriously ignorant of the affairs of nations outside the USA, the same cannot be said of the thousands of foreign affairs specialists employed by the US State Dept. or “State” as Americans refer to it.

    The US State Dept. is the best funded of the world’s foreign ministries. There is an awful lot of expertise within it. In the 1950s these professional experts saw what was developing in Europe and wanted to influence it: along lines which were in the interests of the USA. They calculated a possible outcome: that Western Europe could coalesce into a later day Holy Roman Empire. The problem for the USA was this: If the six original members of the EC/EEC/EU were formed into a supra-national confederation then they would become a power that would rival the USA. Now whilst “State” did not see such a state as a potential enemy, it did see it as a rival – for geopolitical influence. Not that “State” needed the services of the CIA to discover this. All they had to do was to read the accounts in European newspapers of various European politicians! The ultimate aims of those who set the EU up were never hidden!

    The professionals at “State” knew they had to come up with a plan. So they did. It was to encourage/coerce the UK to seek membership of the new project. The UK politicians duly obeyed their masters in Washington DC. Initially the UK’s application was rejected; by France’s De Gaul – for precisely the reasons “State” wanted the UK to join. De Gaul viewed (correctly) the UK as a Trojan horse for US interests.

    The whole European Project required a huge campaign or deception, particularly in the UK. The European Project was always promoted in terms of it’s economic benefits in the UK. Now, after 46 years, 1 month and 27 days of membership the UK economy has become integrated into the EEA and the political class, judging from their ignorance, have become unfit to govern an independent nation state but competent enough to run a province – which is some ways the UK has become.

    FACT: We should NOT have to be publishing such videos as above to try and explain the incoherence of a “No Deal Brexit”! That there is a need to demonstrates the extent of the rot in the UK’s body politic!

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