• Lookout Grieve reports: “Iceberg sighted at two cables dead ahead Mam!”


    First Mate Hammond: “Shall we turn hard to starboard or port Mam?”
    Master Mayhem: “Maintain course and speed! The iceberg will move.”

    Above, a possible design for a unified flag comprising that of the Patron Saints David and George and also Piran (of Cornwall) – for it’s relevance to today’s article, read on.

    Today is St. David’s Day. The British Gazette wishes all our Welsh readers (wherever in the world they may be) a happy National Day.

    According to Law, in 30 days time this formerly sovereign country should be restored to lawful sovereign government!

    Hmm….. Really?

    Let’s look at four possible scenarios:

    #1: Labour might back an amendment to the “meaningful vote”. The Guardian reports this will be that “the deal is approved, subject to confirmation in a public vote”. Likely result: Brexit betrayed!

    #2: If the above amendment was not carried, Labour could then vote against Madame’s deal, but the ERG might vote for it. They would be doing so on a pragmatic basis – they just want Brexit over the line. It then comes down to the number of rebels in the Tory and Labour ranks. Madame’s deal might just scrape home. Likely result: Brexit!

    #3: Madame’s deal is voted down. She then uses the Royal Prerogative to ask for a short A50 extension – without consulting Parliament. It’s purpose being to enable one final Parliamentary vote. IF the EU agrees, and a Second Referendum is now off the table, this would be a straight vote for “Deal” or “No Deal”. It is hard to see anyone other than the DUP and the ERG voting for No Deal. Likely result: Brexit!

    #4: Madame’s above request is turned down by the EU. Madame returns empty handed. A motion is subsequently put forward in the Commons (by someone) that Madame return to the EU to ask again but this time for a longer period it’s purpose being to all a Second Referendum. The EU is likely to accept! Likely result: Brexit betrayed!
    British Gazette comment: Whatever of these scenarios come to pass, what WILL be recorded in the history books by future historians as yet unborn is that the dominant factor in the Brexit débâcle will have been the partisan nature of British Politics.
    Maybe the Brexit débâcle should be parodied thus: “The undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed.”
    In an earlier article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/02/07/why/), we ungallantly stated: “The FACT is that Madame Mayhem is a Tory through and through and has been her whole life. She eats, breathes and probably even defecates Toryism.” Given that it was a lady we were referring to, I was unhappy about it’s coarseness, but the state of British politics is so serious that sometimes it is necessary to use language which one really does not wish to use. Sometimes, saying “sugar” just does not cut it!

    Let us face FACTS – whether you are what is now called a “Brexiteer” or a “Remainer” – Brexit has been mishandled – on both sides – and on so many levels. At it’s very heart however BOTH sides are guilty of the same offence: from the very start, they adopted a strictly partisan approach. Partisan politics have been the dominant factor throughout the whole Brexit process. After all, The Chameleon triggered the EU referendum not because he was overwhelmed by a desire to allow the British People a say on whether or not Lawful sovereign government should be restored to this formerly sovereign land! NO! He did it for internal Tory party reasons!

    The parlous state of governmental and Parliamentary indecision – which has assumed monumental proportions – is now a matter for comment internationally. “Johnny Foreigner” looks on amazed and askanced to see what he thought was a well governed advanced Western democracy descend into the sort of chaos one expects from third world “banana republics”.

    What is happening here is what this organ has previously described as “un grand coup de théâtre”!

    The politicians are playing this game for their own party advantage. You see the problem of partisan politics infests nearly ALL British politicians. This is because they see a perfect alignment between their own party’s policies and manifestos and the national interest. This is logical! Why would a party put forward policies that are NOT in the national interest?

    The British political system is NOT based on consensus!

    An outcome – especially if Brexit does happen – could be the breakup of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Depending on what type of Brexit, the timing will vary.

    A hard or “No Deal” Brexit will very quickly bring about a breakup with an independent Scotland and a reunification of Ireland. Wales however will be most unlikely to part company with England. Instead a new entity will be created: The United Kingdom of England and Wales. Hence the flag at the top of this article!

    The Tories will be quite pleased with this! They will be rid of the puritanical Irish. They will be rid of the lefty Scots. They will only have the leftie voting BAMEs, Welsh and White Working Class to contend with!

    This process could well happen whether the UK remains in the clutches of the EU or not.

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