• Brexit: L’acte final!


    This organ has repeatedly described the events surrounding the EU (In/Out) Referendum and the Brexit process as “un grand coup de théâtre” – this because it has many of the characteristics of a phoney.

    Whilst there are thousands of honest people campaigning for Brexit to occur at 11PM on Friday 29th March 2019 without a deal, there will have been – and will continue to be – many senior industry figures along with the heads of the international credit reference agencies and central bankers who will have communicated to Madame Mayhem and her colleagues such as Hapless Hammond and Madame Amber Plein de Regret the dire consequences to the UK’s economy of a no deal Brexit.

    The one thing we do know about such as Madame Mayhem, Hapless Hammond and Madame Amber Plein de Regret is that they know full well the truth of the phrase of US origin, “It’s the economy stupid!” Contained within these four words is the simple truth that if politicians wreck the economy destroying people’s employment prospects, wiping out their savings and forcing their children to emigrate to find work overseas, they can be sure that the voters will punish them where it really, really hurts: in the ballot box!

    As a result, it is reasonable to assume (as the organ has for some time now) that what we are witnessing is an orchestrated campaign to sabotage Brexit. It started with Madame making her infamous Lancaster House speech.
    You see, if you set impossible goals, it is impossible to achieve them!
    The very idea that one can negotiate a withdrawal agreement and a follow on free trade agreement which gives all or nearly all of the benefits of membership of the EU’s Customs Union and the EEA’s Single Market without the constitutional commitments, liabilities and costs is nonsense.
    It is as Irish politicians have described it: a Unicorn Brexit!
    What we are witnessing is our dishonest, non-beloved politicians playing what M. Barnier has called out as “the blame game”, with them feverishly trying to pin the blame on each other. Madame Mayhem is trying to put the blame on Comrade Corbyn, who unsurprisingly is trying to put it all on Madame!

    Expect to end up with an opportunity to visit your polling station on Thursday 2nd May 2019 and to cast your vote in the “Confirmatory Vote” AKA the 2nd Referendum! The options being, Madame’s Withdrawal Agreement and Revocation of Article 50. This will be a unique occasion as the referendums before this have been advisory and defined as referenda. It might (IS – Ed) be nit picking, but there is a technical difference between a confirmatory vote and a referendum. The confirmatory vote will be part of the legislative process. This – if the lawyers drafting the Bill are doing their jobs properly – will be in effect to draft two separate Bills and put them together as one. One Bill will be Madame’s withdrawal agreement. The other will be a two-fold measure; to authorise through statutory instrument – the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – the formal submission of the UK’s revocation of Article 50 and a Bill to repeal The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (c. 16) and all associated and subsequent legislation. The clauses giving effect to the confirmatory vote will have to set out the questions and the date and times of the poll. It will have to exempt the vote from the provisions of The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (c. 41). The confirmatory vote will decide which parts of this combined Bill will be put into effect by the Royal Assent.

    A point of note: The Liberal Democrats have long described the two main parties (Conservatives and Labour) as the two ugly sisters. These two parties are along with the SNP the parties that benefit most from the First Past The Post election system. One thing that Comrade Corbyn and Madame Mayhem have in common is a determination to put their party first. Therefore, Dear Reader do not be surprised if the two of them organise the situation so as to ensure that should the electorate vote to have Article 50 revoked, the European Elections in the UK will NOT take place. This is because both leaders will view that to be in their own party’s interest. Madame of course will want to ensure UKIP and/or Mr Farage’s “Brexit Party” have a platform (and money) and our doughty Comrade will not wish to afford an opportunity to those many working class traditional Labour voters to vent their democratic spleen. Doubtless both leaders will be hoping that the EU might be persuaded to go back to the earlier system when member states were able to determine how their MEPs were elected.

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