• To buy or not to buy? That is the question… (Our apologies to Shakespeare!)


    I own shares in five PLCs all quoted on the London Stock Exchange. From Monday 18th March 2019 four of them will be FTSE 100 companies. Of the fifth, it is an investment trust with shareholdings in a broad spread of UK equities with the FTSE 100 dominating the portfolio.

    Although not trading on a frequent basis, I actively manage what is my nest egg and apart from the few hundred quid each year generated from the solar powered cash collectors on my roof, my only source of income.
    Today, I came across the hypertext link below.
    GOTO: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-windpower-jobs/britain-eyes-27000-skilled-offshore-wind-jobs-by-2030-idUSKCN1QN0VZ
    You see, SSE is very much into “green energy”. For monetary reasons only! You see, since the imbéciles running this benighted land are supporting the generation of expensive intermittent electricity that can supply – when the wind is blowing strong enough across a wide enough area that is, nearly a third of UK requirements – it seems that that is where some money should be invested.

    SSE you see pays an excellent dividend and thus forms part of many portfolios designed to provide a high UK sourced equity income.

    As you can see from the hypertext link below, SSE’s price has been depressed somewhat of late.
    GOTO: http://www.lse.co.uk/SharePrice.asp?SharePrice=SSE&goButton=Go
    Now, whilst the spectre of Comrade Corbyn in #10 is not the sole reason for this, it is part of the calculation.

    Accordingly, I have reduced my shareholding in SSE to just over half what it was. I have also been buying shares. Although I’ve been a bear insofar as SSE is concerned, I have for a long time now been a bull where Lloyds Bank is concerned. Dear old Comrade Corbyn might harbour a fantasy or two about nationalising the British banking industry but the international credit agencies and central banks from the G20 would intervene to stop him.

    What I am doing is keeping this constantly under review. This week of course is of importance due to the goings on in the House of Fools aka The House of Commons.

    If Madame appears intent on driving the economy over the cliff of a No Deal Brexit and SSE’s price takes a nose dive in advance of this, it might be worth a punt on a small parcel of additional SSE shares.


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