• Wrexit: Where do we go from here?


    The above image may well become one of those iconic images recorded into pictorial history. It is of Madame looking heavenwards as if in silent prayer for divine guidance or intervention!

    Curiously that same evening, as the fools were going through the division lobbies (I was watching on the Parliament channel) I looked out of my flat’s living room window and saw a most magnificent sight. There was a full gale blowing from the North West from a stormy Atlantic. It was well into dusk and night was coming. There was however still enough light to show the anthracite coloured intensity of a huge rain cloud that was over the ocean heading directly for my little hillside village overlooking the ocean. The sky had darkened to a deep battleship grey (Admiralty 507 for pedants) but there was still enough light to cause the sea to be a lighter shade of grey and to show the many curtains of rain spewing forth from the cloud which had the appearance of many spindly legs; the cloud appearing as some other worldly Martian machine coming to give the solar cash collectors on my roof another good washing! Which duly took place whilst in the House of Fools within the Palace of Westminster the result, No – 391 and Yes – 242 was announced!

    Earlier that day I had taken my afternoon walk and spent time dodging showers as smaller rain clouds made their way from ocean to land.

    Thus meteorological events in West Cornwall yesterday afternoon and evening were an eloquent accompaniment to the political storm abroad in the country at the moment.

    The question that now has to be asked is this: What happens now?

    Peter Kyle the Labour Member for Hove and Portslade and Philip Wilson the Labour Member for Sedgefield have suggested that Madame’s infamous withdrawal agreement is put before the house but subject to a binding confirmatory vote of the British public. The details of this were set out in our post last Sunday.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/03/10/brexit-lacte-final/
    Much criticism has (correctly) been made by those now described as “Brexiteers” of the democratic challenge of this course of action. They state that the Brexit vote must not be betrayed. They are right.
    However, this does NOT mean that a second public vote should now be avoided!
    At this point many Ukippers will be reaching for their blood pressure tablets and cursing your Editor.

    The democratic problem with the Kyle and Wilson plan is this: It only puts TWO choices before the British People. These are accept Madame’s appalling Deal or Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU on present terms. The problem with this is that whilst Peter Kyle and Philip Wilson have put the two least damaging choices before the people, they effectively rule out the third very damaging choice: That of No Deal!

    Now Messrs. Kyle and Wilson will find no argument from this organ about the damaging consequences of a No Deal Brexit! However it is a FACT that many people would, given the opportunity of a three way choice (Madame’s appalling Deal / Revoke Article 50 / No Deal) would vote for No Deal!

    Democracy means that they MUST be afforded the opportunity to do so!

    Thus, this organ proposes just that!

    That the occupants of the House of Fools should WITHOUT DELAY seek a short extension under the provisions of Article 50 (into May) but seek to hold the vote between say Thursday 4th and Thursday 11th April. The Second Ballot voting method should be used. The first round of voting should take place on the first nominated Thursday and should have three choices on the ballot paper: #1 Madame’s appalling Deal / #2 Revoke Article 50 / #3 No Deal

    If one choice receives 50%+1 of the total votes cast then this will be adduced as being the BINDING verdict of the British People.

    If not, then the choice with the fewest number of votes is ruled out and the two other choices are put before the voters again in a run off ballot.

    That way a definite decision is made.

    Now many readers will ask: “Mr Editor, which way would you vote?”

    The answer in those circumstances would be: First Round – Madame’s appalling Deal. Second Round – Madame’s appalling Deal (if on the ballot paper). If not I would spoil my ballot paper by writing “Vote Withheld” across it. Why? Because I maintain that the UK’s membership of the EU is unlawful and therefore would no more vote for it than I would burgle my neighbour’s house and I cannot in all conscience vote for a course of action that will destroy many people’s businesses and contains within it a danger of a subsequent re-entry by the UK into the EU which would mean entry into the ERM preparatory to entry into the Eurozone!
    PS: One Derek Gordon Thomas, the Member for St Ives & the Isles of Scilly (Majority [8th June 2017] 312) owes his seat in the House of Fools to a decision made by the UKIP constituency committee (on which Moi was a member) NOT to field a candidate against him. Moi strongly argued for this course of action which effectively deprived the Liberal Democrat candidate Andrew George from being elected. Last night, Derek proved himself to be sensible and not a fool as he voted FOR Madame’s appalling deal! In doing so he has the support of this organ but not I think, the UKIP St. Ives committee!
    If interested, GOTO: https://www.derekthomas.org/

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