• Brexit: Kicking the can down the road.


    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87184), Doctor North leaves his readers with little reason to be optimistic.
    The BG however, whilst accepting that optimism is something not to be expected when viewing the omnishambles that is the Brexit farce playing at the Palace of Westminster would reward it’s readership’s indulgence of it’s website with some reasons not to be unduly pessimistic.

    This is not based on the expectation of a sudden breakout of wisdom amongst the imbéciles who constitute the majority of the House of Fools but on their innate sense of self preservation. Here we are again indebted to our friends on the other side of the pond for inventing the term, “Turkeys don’t vote for Thanksgiving” which has been traditionally Anglicised to “….Christmas.”

    It is reported that Madame may not even put Meaningless Vote #3 before the imbéciles as there appears little chance of it getting through. Instead Madame will – in the manner of a kindergarten teacher giving unruly children some displacement activities – set them the task of informing her and the rest of the world – or at least that small section of the world that is actually listening – of what precisely they do want instead of what they don’t want. The FACT is however that based on current indications the imbéciles are no more likely to settle on a positive conclusion that they are on a negative one.

    The one thing they will do is to remove Friday 29th May from the statute book as Brexit Day, presumably inserting a phrase such as “a future date”. Then on April Fool’s Day, Monday 1st April, 2019 Madame will inform the long suffering, infinitely patient and ever hopeful President Tusk that the House of Fools cannot decide on what they want, nor can Her Majesty’s Government, but that both the House of Fools and HMG have decided on what they do not want: a No Deal Brexit.

    At this point doubtless President Tusk will realise why 1st April is known as “April Fool’s Day” on this side of the channel!

    As a result, Madame will inform the President that she, HMG and the House of Fools have therefore become seized with enthusiasm and resolve to take part in the forthcoming EuroParl elections and would therefore crave his and the indulgence of the twenty seven heads of government/state of the member states for an second extension under Article 50 to allow for “a mature reflection” (as opposed to an immature reflection? – Ed.) of what to do next.

    President Tusk will duly inform the twenty seven of this and a meeting will be arranged for them to discuss same. At this point it will be in the interests of the EU to grant as long an extension as possible. It would be logical to grant it until such a time when the UK has to prepare for another set of EuroParl elections – which would be Friday 12th April 2024.

    Whilst this would be rescuing the UK form the perils of a No Deal Brexit, it would place the country into Limbo-land as the direction of the country would be unknown. This would be deeply damaging to the prospects of inward and continued investment by business in the UK economy because they would not know where the country was headed.

    The way out of this hole of course is sadly the Kyle-Wilson amendment. Put Meaningless Vote #3 before the House of Fools duly amended and place the decision in the hands of the voters.

    The mechanics have been described in an earlier post.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/03/10/brexit-lacte-final/
    This could in fact be legislated quite quickly and with the vote exempted from the provisions of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (c. 41) the poll could be held on Thursday 2nd May, 2019 – the date of local elections in parts of the UK. Were this to be done before the 29th March this would result in the 22nd May Brexit Day which could never take place were the voters to confirm that part of the act that relates to Brexit does not take effect and that part of the act which relates to repealing all relevant Brexit legislation takes effect and thus a government minister will put a statutory instrument before the House of Fools on Friday 3rd May 2019 revoking Article 50 notification of Brexit.

    This will result in a requirement of the UK to hold EuroParl elections but the elections will have taken place without the UK taking part. It is likely that the elections will be passed over and the ECJ will levy a fine on the UK which would take the form of the Chancellor making a payment to each person on the UK electoral roll possibly around 200 Euros.

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