• Gloriana!


    The glory of war? – A myth. For the relevance of the above video bear with us.

    For two years I’ve been giving thought to how I would post on this day, Friday 29th March 2019.

    I suppose you were expecting an image of the patriotic protesters in Parliament Square. No. I decided to put index finger to keyboard to throw light on how the hell we got ourselves into this shit hole.

    The people protesting with fervent patriotic anger borne of frustration. You see they were sold a false prospectus. Of a land called Shangri-La where unicorns pranced in meadows light by a golden sun where flowers blossomed, bees buzzed but never ever stung you. In other words complete and utter bullshit. Bye the way; some of these people who had come from Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire I call friends.

    Before the 2016 referendum the tribal fractious politicians had a track record of pushing the limits of honesty when it came to election campaigns but between April and June 2016 they excelled themselves in their mendacity.

    Their problems began when the votes were counted and they realised that they’d won. That meant that they had to deliver what they had promised. But there was the problem. They could not deliver the impossible. The Prime Minister, The Chameleon, realising this promptly walked off the field of play and quit as an MP to make sure he was well out of it. Talk about taking responsibility.

    To those of us who been in certain situations, we take responsibility for our decisions and actions and back up the men under our command/in our charge. But then I suppose that was always too much to expect of this man.

    Then we come to the Tragedy of Theresa, Madame Mayhem. This lady, a Remainer, inherited the poison chalice her predecessor refused to accept. And here, the lady followed a path taken by other women in vaguely analogous situations. You see, she inherited a situation where some of the men (such as Boris the Buffoon) in her political world had lied. But far from calling them out, being a loyal Tory lady through and through sought to try and keep the party she was loyal to together; and tried to do the impossible – put together a Brexit that sought to provide what the Leave voters had been promised. Her predicament was made worse than impossible by her ill-fated decision to call the 2017 election resulting in the need to rely in DUP support. This truly was a case of the tail wagging the dog – it being an exceedingly small tail on a very large dog!

    In thinking of Tragic Theresa I cannot help but call to mind some of the women she reminds me of. These were women in prison – I once worked for a supplier to HM Prisons – some of these women were there out of loyalty to the men in their lives. They themselves were not the principal movers in the crimes that put them there. Their husbands/partners/brothers/sons/fathers demanded their co-operation and out of love and loyalty they gave it. And paid the price of incarceration.

    Tragic Theresa has shown perseverance and loyalty to the Tory Party beyond all compare. She has stuck at it when lesser mortals would have thrown in the towel long ago. It appears the lady does not know the meaning of the word, quit. I admire her. A woman she may be but she’s got more balls than the men around her put together.

    And now to the video and it’s glorification of war. Since the end of the Second Word War in the UK and the USA we have had films that have dramatised and glorified the undoubted heroism and self sacrifice involved and have presented to the public an image of a glorious, heroic past. The idea being to make people feel good – and proud – of those achievements. Thus in the minds of the public there is the British taking on the world and winning. There has been the whole “Britons at War” meme that has been pushed as the meme in which patriotism has been allowed to be expressed.

    Of course, central to this was that Britain won the First and Second World Wars against Germany. Or more accurately, due to American and Russian assistance, won.

    These memes have been a factor in they win which British People view themselves and inter-alia, how they view themselves in relation to others, in particular our European neighbours.

    Treating the British electorate as vote fodder has been the hallmark of the main two parties in the British system. Labour has relied on their socially working class heartlands whilst they have pursued their gender neutral climate change alarmism and the Tories have relied on their middle class suburbs voting to avoid Labour cracking down on their middle class treats like [redacted for reasons of self interest]. For years they got away with it. A give-away budget before an election and bingo! Then, the Chameleon had a bright idea! An EU referendum that would help heal the rift in his party and put the issue to bed after all! What could possibly go wrong? Especially when you are able to rope in the support of President Obama!

    And it has all come unstuck! Tragic Theresa, a politically sectarian British politician found herself having to make a deal with Arelene Foster – of the Über sectarian DUP! Oh the irony!

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