• Meaningless Vote #4? Caught in a trap?


    With reports that Tragic Theresa, aka Madame Mayhem is preparing to place the Meaningless Vote for a fourth time before the House of Fools this week, Comrade Corbyn understandably described it as “beyond ridiculous”.

    He needs however to take aboard two pieces of political advice my late father – a lifelong Liberal (NOT to be confused with the Liberal Democrats) – gave me:

    #1: Never trust a Tory!

    #2: Never underestimate a Tory!

    As this organ has previously stated Madame is Tory through and through. It is unlikely a single cell in her entire body that is not stamped; “Property of the Conservative Party.”

    After all, dear old Comrade Corbyn has got the evidence sitting right in front of him! Madame has from Day #1 of her premiership placed the interests of the Tory Party first and centre of her considerations and her actions. For Madame this is NOT a case of putting Party before Country because for Madame the two are inseparable. For Madame – a vicar’s daughter – this is the Tory Trinity: The interests of the Conservative Party, the interests of the Country and the interests of the British People are like the Holy Trinity, three in one and indivisible!

    Before you can comment and speculate sensibly on Madame’s actions and possible actions, one has to understand this essential point.

    In previous posts this organ has sought to warn our dear old Comrade that Madame should be regarded as a spider and he the fly. We have sought to warn him and his colleagues that Madame will seek to turn the tables on him and his comrades and to dump the responsibility and the blame for the Brexit débâcle upon them!

    And that might be precisely what Madame is planning to do in the coming fortnight!

    And of course, enabling her Tory Boys to fill their boots with wads and wads of lovely cash before “Selling in May and going away” – probably to Monte Carlo! (Reason: Zero Tax!)

    She appears to have a gained a useful idiot – a certain Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron sometime President of the French Republic – to assist her. Mr Macron is appearing to play “hard ball” suggesting that unless Madame begs for a long extension and subject the country to all manner of humiliations, Brexit (in the form of a No Deal” will take pace at midnight [Central European Time]) on Friday 12th April 2019!


    What is possible is that Madame will return from the Emergency Meeting in Brussels with no extension. This means that at 8AM (British Summer Time) on Thursday 11th April the London Stock Exchange will open to masses of red flashings across the computer trading screens: “Sell! Sell! Sell!” will be the order of the morning. And afternoon.
    Of course, the panic on the trading floor will be replicated on the floor of the House of Fools with the inmates of same jumping up and down and making all forms of gesticulations was they go into full panic mode!

    Doubtless, Mr by now extremely Angry – aka – The Right Honourable Ian Blackford, PC, MP, Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Fools and the Member for Ross, Skye and Lochaber – will protest most vociferously and place before the House a motion demanding that Article 50 be revoked immediately! That this motion will be passed is as certain as the Leader of Hamas being refused entry into an Israeli kibbutz!

    And there Dear Reader you have it!

    The trap!

    Madame will then be able to revoke Article 50, end the pandemonium and place ALL the blame upon the shoulders of the Unfortunate Blackford and the Unfortunate Corbyn!

    That this revocation will be gladly accepted by the European Union is a foregone conclusion!

    Of course a “democratic” resolution will have to be brought about. A General Election will be called. Possibly for Thursday 23rd May 2019 – the date of the EuroParl elections!

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