• Brexit: Plan B.


    Since Madame appears to have no Plan B, we publish one!

    The Brexit news is dominated today by the news that Madame has written a letter to President Tusk requesting an A50 extension to 30th June 2019.
    GOTO: Madame’s letter.
    Madame already knows that the date she has requested is unacceptable to the EU and IF they grant an extension, it will be substantially longer. Long enough to conduct a second referendum without having to suspend the provisions of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (c. 41).

    It is likely – but not certain – the EU27 will extend A50.
    GOTO: https://www.fnlondon.com/articles/a-no-deal-brexit-may-be-europes-less-costly-option-20190405
    IF an extension is granted and the Remainers and Remaniacs get their way and a “Confirmatory Vote” aka a “People’s Vote” aka a second referendum is held which is a binary choice between Madame’s Deal – which is widely regarded by many as BRINO (BRexit In Name Only) – and Revoke Article 50, then many people will feel that their vote will have been ignored and Brexit will have been betrayed.

    This is eloquently expounded by blogger Michael Crowley.
    GOTO: https://michaelcrowley.blog/2019/04/04/a-very-real-british-coup-why-britain-is-no-longer-a-democracy/
    WHATEVER one’s views on Brexit, the country is faced with THREE choices. They are:

    #1: Implement Madame’s deal and leave the EU on the agreed terms.

    #2: Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

    #3: Do not implement Madame’s deal, do not revoke Article 50 and leave the EU without a deal.
    The above is NOT a statement of political opinion. It is a statement of FACT.

    The questions are these:

    Which options should be considered?

    Who should choose between those options?

    The British Gazette is firmly of the opinion that ALL three options should be considered.

    The British Gazette is firmly of the opinion that the British People should choose between the options.

    This means that the British Gazette supports a second referendum but on the basis that the second ballot (aka two-round) system be used.
    GOTO: https://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/voting-systems/types-of-voting-system/two-round-system/
    The three choices should be put to the voters in the first round and if no choice achieves 50% + 1 vote or more, then the top two choices go through to a run-off vote a week later.

    The British Gazette would unreservedly condemn a “Confirmatory Vote” whereby the choice is between remaining in the EU and Brexiting under the terms of Madame’s deal.
    That would not only be a betrayal of the 17.4 million who vote for Brexit but the millions who did not. This is because the millions of Britons who in two world wars gave their tomorrows for our today would not only expect but would demand a proper democratic choice!

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