• The Mayhem Memorandum: Because Parliament has made clear it will stop the UK leaving without a deal, we now have a stark choice: leave the European Union with a deal or do not leave at all.


    Late yesterday, Madame issued a memorandum via the internet.
    GOTO: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pms-words-on-brexit-negotiations-6-april-2019
    British Gazette comment:
    In his response (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87199), Doctor Richard North and his many commentators are we think over interpreting this document. I have read and reread this document several times and have come to the conclusion that apart from those words I have copied and pasted into the title of today’s post, the document is full of waffle.

    The feedback that appears to be emanating from Brussels and other European capitals is that Madame’s request to them is too little (by way of a plan) too late. There is talk of a short extension (a fortnight?) to allow all parties to get emergency legislation into place.

    Madame knows that IF the EU rejects her extension and gives the UK a matter of a fortnight, she will likely do two things:

    #1: Put forward the Meaningless Vote before the House of Fools AGAIN and if passed beg the EU to extend AGAIN – a request likely to be accepted.

    #2: Should the Meaningless Vote be defeated AGAIN, the House of Fools would likely seize the initiative and put forward a Bill to Revoke Article 50. A fortnight is more than enough time to enact this. Upon it’s enactment Madame will then have the luxury of following statute law and revoke Article 50.

    Result: The UK will remain in the EU and Brexit will have been betrayed.
    The whole point of this FARCICAL CHARADE is to put the responsibility of this on parties other than the Tory Party!

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