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    A Christian: Hallelujah! He has risen!
    Google’s CEO: Err… Who’s He?

    The search engine “Google” has become so common, so ubiquitous, that the proper noun, “Google” has become a verb, “to google”. In addition, the colour of it’s particular letters has become a common question on game shows and pub quiz nights!

    Of course, Google adopts a different stance altogether for other religions!
    For instance, on 14th April 2014 it celebrated the 888th birthday of the Muslim thinker Averroes.”Who?” – Ed.
    Source: https://english.alarabiya.net/en/media/digital/2014/04/14/-Google-Doodle-marks-888th-birthday-of-Muslim-philosopher-Averroes-.html
    Of course, some Christians may well think that they are under attack. Well in some cases such as those living in countries such as Pakistan, many Christians who wish to celebrate this (for them) joyous day will be tinged with fear for they have to be very careful and have to keep a low profile.

    Thus for Christians living in the UK of 2019 finding that the CEO of Google has seen fit not to authorise the commissioning of an “Easter Sunday Doodle” should not be regarded as amounting to to much of a disturbance to an otherwise happy day.

    The thing people should understand about big corporations is that they are terrible sensitive to being seen on the wrong side of any fence! It is not that they have any particular convictions one way of the other. Their principle concerned is the bottom line: Money!

    This is why so many of them are so keen to indulge in “virtue signalling” to causes and groups who appear to be in the ascendant – and of course make sure they are not linked in any way to causes and groups who appear to be in the descendant!

    This is why the professional rugby player Israel Folau (a Christian) was sacked for expressing a personal opinion on social media.
    Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-union/news-comment/israel-folau-appeal-sacked-australian-rugby-player-homophobia-anti-gay-instagram-hearing-code-of-a8873611.html
    You see, there is a lot of money in top level international sport today. Many large companies sponsor the sport to the tune of many millions. For these companies it is all about enhancing their image. Making them appear “nicer” to their customers! If at any point this “niceness” appears to run the risk of being “nastiness” they very quickly demand action. Hence Mr Folau’s dismissal.

    Trying to appear “nice” and “popular” and “with it” (That’s so 1960’s! – Ed.) is not confined to business. The politicians are particularly prone to this. Remember Madame Mayhem and her “nasty party” quip?

    The British Gazette will now become most politically incorrect! Which will inevitably result in outraged members of the PC brigade telephoning 101 and reporting this organ and it’s editor of a “hate crime”.
    I have a friend, who’s granddaughter is an articulate, attractive and intelligent young lady with an interest in current affairs. This young lady is what is now described as “dual heritage” or “bi-racial” – the term, “mixed race” now being unfashionable and the term “half-caste” being regarded as irredeemably racist.

    Should this young lady ever wish to have a political career she will have two distinct advantages which will place her before any competitor (for a parliamentary seat) who has the misfortune to be “white” and male. However should such a white male happen to be homosexual he will have something in his favour as the young lady herself is heterosexual.

    Such things of course are completely irrelevant to the question, “will these people make a good MP”. The reason why these things matter is that those in power feeling that these things are important as they want to appease people they consider to hold power.

    Which of course brings us rather neatly as to why the “powers that were” 2,000 or so years ago in Jerusalem nailed the Good Lord to a cross instead of a murderer and whose Resurrection Google’s irrelevant CEO has chosen deliberately to ignore (for much the same reasons as Barabbas was released) is celebrated today!

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