• Brexit: A cacophony of codswallop.


    Above, one of the most famous shots of the actress Raquel Welch in the 1966 movie, One Million Years B.C.

    Doubtless the politically correct will accuse – again – your Editor of gratuitous sexism in using this seemingly unrelated image. Do we care? Err… Nope! For the relevance of the image read on…..
    The online (free) thesaurus Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/codswallop) defines codswallop as a noun meaning senseless talk or writing; nonsense; rubbish. It further goes on to cite that this is British and not American English and is slang. That is certainly your Editor’s understanding of the term.
    Further information can be found Word Histories (https://wordhistories.net/2017/12/15/origin-of-codswallop/).
    In continuing his research and informed commentary on the ongoing Brexit farce, Doctor North’s stamina (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87235) is to be greatly admired. For the past couple of blog-posts or so he had tackled the outpourings from the mouth of Nefarious Nigel.
    Present polling evidence (https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/2019-european-parliament-election-vote-intention/) suggests that the Nefarious Nigel Appreciation Society – aka The Brexit Party – is set to do rather well; whereas UKIP led by Barrack Room Batten is set to do rather poorly.

    Now, there will be many fervent Brexiteers who are steadfast members of UKIP who will be very downcast if following the Europarl elections, the Nefarious Nigel Appreciation Society has won many seats and UKIP has won none. This is understandable. Many will have put their heart and soul – as well as time and shoe leather – into trying to get UKIP candidates elected.

    It is at this point we can cite the relevance of the image of Miss Welch. You see, in the 1960’s Miss Welch was paid a huge amount of money by a US soft drinks manufacturer for her to appear in one of their adverts. The reason? Because of something known as face (Or in Miss Welch’s case, body? – Ed.) recognition. Appealing to a large number of human beings who have very limited attention spans and interest is both an art and a science. Today it has a term; “celebrity status”. For a person to have celebrity status in the UK of 2019 it is not necessary to have any particular talent in any particular area. It is however essential to be instantly recognised by a large number of your fellow human beings! This is the value and it is this which will as our American friends the other side of the pond are wont to say, “gets the big bucks”.

    Barrack Room Batten you see is not nearly as well known as Nefarious Nigel and a considerable proportion of those who do regard him as having unpleasant views on the topic of Islam.

    Now whilst the financial implications for UKIP of having no MPs are serious (this is assuming an Article 50 revocation with the UK remaining in the EU) the political implications are less so. This because in the circumstances of an A.50 revocation there will be an inquest into just what went on during the period the Brexit Farce was played out in British politics.

    Postscript: There was an additional reason why we chose that particular image of Miss Welch. Those of us chaps who are of a certain age will recall that the movie, “One Million Years B.C.” was set in a fictional age of caveman and dinosaurs. This of course is utterly nonsensical as the dinosaurs met their end following a meteorite impact off the coast of what is now southern Mexico some 65 million years before our ancestors (the cave people) set foot on Earth! In fact, we would go on to suggest that there is as much realism in the script that shows Miss Welch fleeing the clutches of a dinosaur as there is in the protestations from Nefarious Nigel about the balmy prospects for the UK following a “No Deal Brexit”!

    • Brexit Farce ? What’s that supposed to mean ?

      In response to those who accuse us of voting to leave the EU out of ignorance, I voted ‘ leave ’ because I read the Treaty on European Union (Maastricht Treaty) and suggest that before continuing to express their ill-founded prejudices ‘ Remainers ’ do the same.

      The Foreign Secretary, having signed the treaty for HM Govt., is reputed to have said “now we go home and read what we’ve signed ourselves up to “ or words to that effect !

      In the 1990s, Conservatives were just as split on the EU as they are today. John Major only succeeded in getting the ill-fated Maastricht Treaty on the statute book by making it a ‘ vote of confidence ’ in his administration, a temporary victory given his crushing defeat at the 1997 General Election.

      In spite of all the protestations to the contrary, particularly at election times, Tories remain committed to membership of the EU and ‘ ever closer union ’ as spelt in the treaties.

      Where are we today ? Sadly, right back to where we were in 1992, with one significant difference. On 23rd June 2016 the British people told their elected representatives in no uncertain terms, that they wanted out of the EU. There was no ambiguity. The electorate voted Leave by a majority of well over 1 million votes. Brexit Farce ? Nothing farcical here. HM Govt. duplicity and interference by EU bureaucrats stopped us walking away at 11pm on 29th March and busying ourselves in the last few weeks with fixing trade deals all over the world. What a great nation we have at our fingertips, if we really flex our muscles on 23rd May. UKIP got you the 2016 Referendum. They deserve your vote again ‘

    • Why always so gloomy?
      Support the Brexit Party in EU elections.
      Send a message.
      Why stop there? If like Macron, Nigel Farage can in a short time form a party and stand for Parliament why can he not succeed?
      What would be the alternative in a general election?
      Vote for outdated Marxist Corbyn; I remember the nationalised industries; no shining example to go back to at all.
      So vote Lib-Dem who want us to remain so no.
      Vote Conservative!? And get the same rabble of different factions again with so many remainers. Where would that get us?
      Have faith and courage.
      Vote Brexit next week.
      Support that party and get MPs as soon as possible.

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