• Brexit: Simples!


    One of the keys to running a successful business is a successful sales campaign. That motivational poster; “Customers make pay days possible!” is very true. They do!
    A successful sales campaign is often built on a successful advertising campaign. Here, success requires the potential customers have their attention grabbed. In this, the BGL Group (https://www.bglgroup.co.uk/) were very successful with their price comparison website and their “Compare the Meerkat” innovation.
    The reason why the Brexit farce will turn out to be “The Tale of The Stupid” is for the simple reason that “Brexit” could, is and will never be “Simples!”
    Of course, the biggest fools in this are many (not all) of the fervent Brexiteers in parties such as UKIP and subscribers (not members) of the Brexit Party. This because these patriotic folk spent many years describing and explaining (correctly) to the British People how the sovereign authority of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was gradually and progressively been transferred from Westminster to Brussels. They even used a specific term to illustrate this: “salami slicing.” Again, they described (correctly) how small “slices” of administrative and regulatory competences were being transferred away from the sovereign states of what was the European Community, became the European Economic Community and finally the European Union in such a way as the mass of the voters would either not notice or pay much attention. They went on to point out (correctly) that this process started when the Arch Traitor Heath signed the Treaty of Rome and has continued up to the present day!
    And yet…..
    Notwithstanding the FACT that 15,880 days from and including Monday, 1st January 1973 to and including Thursday, 23 June 2016, had passed, they suggested that Brexit could be achieved overnight by means of the so called “Hard Brexit”.
    How stupid is that?
    Never will there have been an event so appropriately named!
    Brexit will indeed be very hard for ordinary folk. Many will loose their jobs!
    The support the state will be able to give will be cut due to the reduced amounts of tax being paid.
    Of course, rich people who will have been hedging currency and/or shorting the markets will gain. Enormously!
    Not that the increase in wealth will for some be publicly apparent as these gains will be stashed away in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands. And of course the Tories favoured winter break location: Monaco! Tax rate: Zero!
    You see, if you own something like the floating gin palace below,you need more than a few bob for it’s upkeep!
    NB: The yacht above is shown as an illustration of the type of yacht such a person might own and does not imply that the owner of the above has any involvment in such goings on whatsoever.
    What is so so annoying is that many Brexit voters who will be crying all the way to the food bank will have been the cause (by their votes) of the owners of such playthings laughing all the way to the bank. Offshore of course!
    The Tories! Don’t ya just love ‘em!

    • Rubbish. Not a single correct fact and predictions of the future are impossible.

    • If the Lib Dems can be rude about Brexit so can I re your sad views
      Have some faith in the British people and courage
      What do u want but stay in the EU?

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