• Brexit: Rigging the vote!


    Life can be a messy business at times. We live in an imperfect world. Things go wrong! As ever, our friends from across the pond with their seemingly endless capacity to re-invent the English language have come up with a certain phrase to sum up in a mere two words the essence of the situation: “Shit happens!”

    The politicians in this poor benighted United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland appear to have dug themselves (and all of us!) into a very deep hole!

    Halloween 2019 promises to be like no other before it! This because the country at “the witching hour” – well 11PM actually – out of the EU without a deal!

    The attention of all Tories however is now focused on who will succeed Madame Mayhem. It appears that the Tories – ever mindful that their new leader’s most important qualification is their capacity to win a general election – appear to opting for Boris the Buffoon.

    Now of course, Boris the Buffoon is actually a very intelligent and well educated fellow!

    He therefore will have realised that all those good folk in the Labour strongholds who voted “Leave” in the 2016 referendum and will NEVER vote Tory – until Hell has frozen over – are far more likely to vote for Nefarious Nigel’s Appreciation Society – AKA the Brexit Party – than the party he would be leading.

    Of course, the Buffoon will also know that he would need a majority in the Commons to put his programme through. He will also know that even on a vote share under 30%, Comrade Corbyn’s Labour Party will get an appreciable number of seats. And if the Tory and Labour vote shares are more or less equal, Labour will have more seats than the Tories!

    It may then have occurred that his best course of action is to form an electoral pact with Nefarious Nigel and the Brexit Party. The deal being that the Brexit party does not stand in seats that are winnable by the Tories and the Tories do not stand in those Labour strongholds and Labour marginals. The deal being that if successful, there will be a Conservative-Brexit Party coalition.

    Now we also know that Sad Vince of That Cable is fully aware that his party’s chances of electoral success in a forthcoming general election will depend up him managing to negotiate an electoral pact with the “Change UK” and the Greens.Both Boris the Buffoon and Nefarious Nigel know that this is a remote prospect.

    The FACT is that IF the Buffoon is planing to take the UK out of the EU without a deal his majority in the Commons will not have to be large. It will have to be enormous!

    That without establishing an electoral pact will be impossible.

    This of course begs the question: “Why? Why has the majority to be enormous?”

    Because of THIS:

    IF the UK finds itself out of the EU without a deal – to facilitate ongoing trading arrangements – then it will have to another arrangement with another power VERY quickly. Trade deals are notorious for taking a long time. A long time can mean years, not months. Were Messrs PM Boris and Deputy PM and Foreign Secretary Nigel to find the UK in this situation they would have to negotiate a comprehensive free trade deal with the USA – WITHIN WEEKS!

    This is something that has never been done in the history of the world!

    However, it gets worse!

    Much worse!

    You see, amidst all the bollocks that has been talked about tariffs in the past three years or so, the real problem is what is known as “regulatory alignment”. This is what the single market has brought about and why leaving it suddenly WILL create such chaos!

    Therefore Messrs Johnson and Farage will have to negotiate something far more encompassing than a free trade deal on tariffs! In effect what they will have to negotiate with the USA is a so called “Free Trade Deal” that goes way beyond “tariff free trade” and in effect will create a “single market” between the United States of America and Great Britain.

    NB: we have stated, the Great Britain- NOT the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    This is because the ONLY way the Trump administration getting such a deal through Congress would be to preserve the existing situation in Northern Ireland with respect to the border and the Good Friday Agreement.

    The only way to do this would be for a “No Deal Deal”. This would in effect be a Three Power Treaty. The parties to this tripartite treaty will be:

    #1: The United States of America.

    #2: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    #3: The European Union.

    The treaty would establish the following:

    #1: Tariff free trade within a regulatory aligned structure between the United States of America and Great Britain.

    #2 Continued membership of the European Economic Area (aka the Single Market – aka The Internal Market) and continued membership of the European Union’s Customs Union of Northern Ireland.

    #3: The UK’s liability for the EU’s £39 billion!

    The treaty MIGHT establish formal co-sovereignty of Northern Ireland between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – henceforth to be known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain – and the Irish Republic.

    IF the above sounds bad, you have yet to reach the worst bits!

    Such an arrangement will open up the “market” in health care to the us health care industry. This will mean the fairly rapid “privatisation” of the NHS!

    Now, if you are a young person in their twenties with no health problems, this might not concern you too much. This is because private healthcare insurance – which will be part paid for by employers is not extortionate. Unlike of course this young person’s car insurance premiums, which are!

    The reason for the great difference in the cost of these two insurance contracts is paradoxically THE SAME!

    The likelihood of a claim.

    What this means of course is that for those persons who are not in their twenties but are in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond the consequences will be severe!

    Now it is likely that in these circumstances the British government will set up something called “the National Health Scheme” or “NHS” for short!

    This will be where all persons currently in receipt of a UK state pension will pay a monthly insurance premium for their ongoing health care. For many pensioners this is likely to be modest and have a series of means tested discounts to ensure that those very wealthy pensioners – such as those retired MEPs on gold plated EU pensions – will pay much more. For those persons (like your Editor – for instance) who have not reached state pension age but are over 60 will also be entitled to a subsidised scheme but one that will be considerably less generous to those born less than a decade before them!

    The REAL targets/victims of these “reforms” will be those unfortunate persons who are in their fourth and fifth decades who have NOT won the lottery! These persons will have to pay a considerable sum for private health cover as they are entering the stage in their lives where they are more likely to require health care.

    The biggest loser however will be the Unfortunate Nefarious Nigel however. You see, he talks a lot nowadays about “Brexit” being betrayed. Well, when many folk will find that their NHS is gone they will feel that Nefarious Nigel has betrayed them. Remember the £350 million a week that was going to be spent on the NHS?

    Fat chance!

    You see, a major thing the well healed accountants and financiers in the City of London are concerned about is the UK’s aging population and spiraling health care costs. They know they cannot get rid of the state’s liability to health care, but they feel they can put a limit on it. They will be prepared to pay for the current generation of pensioners but will not want to pay for future generation of pensioners out of taxes.

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