• Driving “Home Fleet Grey”.


    The title of today’s post, like the policies of most of the Tory leadership candidates makes no sense.

    Today, “The Donald” arrived in the UK.

    To a storm of protest from the usual suspects. Including a certain Mr Kahn – who objects to Mr Trump criticising him.

    Well, Mr Kahn, YOU have frequently criticised him. What did you expect?

    For myself, my attention has been diverted; towards the acquisition of a new motor car. The old one failed it’s MOT and required over £1,000 work doing to it. My plan was to keep the car on the road until the latter half of 2021 when I’ll be in receipt of my old age pension and able to spend the largesse on a new car!

    Unfortunately, things have not worked out that way!

    I decided to take advantage of Kia motors scrapage scheme and to buy a new car – on finance. Taking advantage of low interest rates.

    As a result I am the owner of a Kia Venga 2.

    It’s a nice compact car with a 1.6 petrol engine, a 6 speed gearbox, a roomy interior and a nice driving position. It’s colour? Metallic grey.

    For some reason – known only to some strange Korean person – Kia have called the colour “Dark Penta Metal”


    It’s colour is essentially the image at the top of this post. The colour is actually like the Royal Navy’s old Home Fleet grey, aka Admiralty Pattern 507A grey.

    The car is actually the first new car I’ve owned. I have had new cars; but they’ve been company cars. All the cars that I have owned have been acquired second hand. In buying this my second Kia, I’ve done something that Dad used to do.

    At the time of his marriage to my Mum (he was a widower) he had a Morris Oxford. Thus, these are the new cars he owned:

    Oxford saloon Series II (reliable)
    Hillman Minx Series III (reliable)
    Hillman Minx Series III (reliable)
    Vauxhall Victor FB (unreliable)
    Vauxhall Victor FB (unreliable)
    Vauxhall Victor FC (unreliable)
    ~ My father thought he was an idiot at this point! ~
    Hillman Avenger Super 1,498 cc (reliable)
    Mitsubishi Colt Lancer 1439 cc (reliable)
    ~ second hand cars until 1995 ~
    Vauxhall Cavalier (unreliable)
    ~ My father felt like an idiot ~ Again!

    What can we conclude from this?

    Answer: All Tory leadership candidates ought to drive Vauxhalls – they are clearly well suited!

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