• Brexit: Let’s blame it on the “Little Green” [Grey ?] men!


    Today, we see the “official” launch of certain Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s leadership campaign to become Tory leader and the next Prime Minister.

    The excellent Doctor North is witheringly excoriating in his assessment of the man.
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    As it appears that the Buffoon is the bookies favourite to win the Tory leadership contest and thereby be appointed Prime Minister, we are faced with a question:

    What to do when it all goes “tit’s up”?

    There is a serious side to this question. Sadly, in the past, and in the present, when a society gets itself into a seriously difficult situation there is a tendency to heap the blame for it on a particular group, which often as not is either entirely innocent or no more or no less to blame than any other group in that society.

    The most egregious example in recent (the last 100 years) history is the Nazi persecution and mas murder of Jewish people.

    Other groups have been singled out in different times by different societies and sadly, this continues to be the case.

    Thus to restate: IF the Buffoon becomes PM and the UK goes over the cliff of a “No Deal Brexit” let us try and heap all the blame on a very special group: Aliens – by which we mean “ETs” or “extra terrestrials” also known as “little green men”!

    This for the very good reason that unlike Germany’s Jews, “little green” or “little grey” men do not exist! Therefore they will be unable to be persecuted and in the unlikely event that they do exist are either too far away or too technically advanced to bother with us!
    The British Gazette’s assessment of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?
    Not an assessment but a speculation: That should the Tory “grassroots” be offered a choice of leader that includes Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and they subsequently elect him as their party’s leader and thus the UK’s new Prime Minister, history is likely to judge him either as one the UK’s best Prime Ministers or one of the worst! For with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, there is likely to be no “in-between”!
    Tories: You have been warned!
    Given the extent of Dr. North’s criticism, the reader may question this. However, sadly, history proves that you do not have to be a decent, honourable, nice person to successfully rule a nation. History is full of examples of quite the most dreadful individuals who have been in material terms very successful. Indeed, a case can be made to suggest that decent, honourable and honest persons are “too good” to be placed in charge of a nation.

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