• Walking the Plank of Brexit!

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    Above the painting “Walking the Plank” by the US illustrator and author Howard Pyle used in a US magazine in 1887.
    Today, Doctor North’s contribution
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    to the world’s knowledge of the seemingly disastrous course the Brexit process is taking uses a most excellent story that serves to illustrate with words and not a paintbrush the lack of competent thinking by our errant politicians on the topic!
    For ourselves, we think that Mr Pyle’s illustration serves us well. We need to remind ourselves that we are all that unfortunate fellow walking the plank!
    Those aboard the ship are of course those in the EU!

    • I am far more sanguine about this. Those EU – ites on board that ship, now holed below the water line, know the British people have the upper hand – if only they will use it !

      The EU is ready for the UK exit in October without the Withdrawal treaty.
      In the run up to our exit planned for 29th March 2019, the EU passed a number of measures to ensure continuity if the UK left without signing the Withdrawal Treaty.

      1. Aviation agreement to ensure planes fly.
      2. Haulage agreement for road transport to continue.
      3. Rail agreement.
      4. “Legal certainty for ship operators “.
      5. Compensation for EU fishing businesses if they lose access to UK waters.
      6. Continuity for students currently in the Erasmus programme.
      7. More time for the Peace and Interregnum programmes for Ireland and Northern Ireland.
      In the update produced for the EU Council, UK citizens currently legally settled in the rest of the EU will be protected. They are ensuring medicines and Reach approved chemicals continue to trade, and have increased customs capacity at UK facing ports and transport cetres to handle any need to introduce tariffs.
      But this, of course, goes largely unreported by the Remain UK media, who carry on with silly scare stories based on an imaginary exit with none of these agreements mentioned. The BBC ( aka Brussels Broadcasting Corporation ) is principle protagonist.
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      A clean exit from the EU includes withdrawing from PESCO (Permanent Structure Cooperation), the EU’s ‘ Defence Union ’, or nascent Army, which the Government agreed to prior to Brexit.
      Outside the EU, Britain will be a more prosperous nation regaining control of its trade policy, free business from unnecessary regulation, control of its agricultural industry and restore its fishing industry. Increased prosperity means more jobs, and more tax revenue to pay for the infrastructure required to run this great nation.

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