• Into the frying pan? But not the fire?


    Above, a YouTube video published by Mr Jeff Taylor. Mr Taylor’s introduction: “According to a report out today [28th June 2019], the Eurozone financial system is heading for another crisis and unless the UK leaves now on a unilateral basis, we could be on the hook for billions of bail-out money.”

    This organ has from the start of the EU Referendum Campaign back in the spring of 2016 consistently endorsed “Flexcit” authored by Doctor Richard North and others. It advocates a withdrawal from the EU (by the UK) along the lines similar to Norway.

    This organ has added it’s own suggestion to “Flexcit” by stating that the way to avoid the problems of the Irish border is to have the border between Great Britain and the EU down the Irish Sea. This would cause Northern Ireland to be with the EU’s Custom’s Union as well as the EEA. Something unacceptable to the Ulster Unionists.

    This organ is also on record warning the reader about the consequences of a collapse of the Euro. One of the many many reasons why Madame Mayhem’s withdrawal agreement is so bad is that it exposes the UK to the risk of being made liable to pick up some of the tab should the Euro collapse.

    And yet the withdrawal agreement is the ONLY way to Brexit without the chaos of a No Deal Brexit.

    It is however the case that the consequences of a No Deal Brexit COULD be mitigated IF satisfactory agreements could be made between the parties. There is however NO guarantee of success!

    And yet…….

    Whilst much has been talked about the serious consequences for the UK of a No Deal Brexit and passing reference has been made to serious consequences for the EU, the question HAS to be asked: Are seriousness of the consequences for the EU being downplayed?

    It MIGHT be the case that a “No Deal Brexit” MIGHT turn out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back insofar as the Eurozone is concerned. IF this were the case the consequences would be dire. For the EU and the UK.

    However: Were in such a situation the UK was to be able to AVOID liability insofar as helping bailing out the Eurozone countries the consequences for the value of Sterling and the FTSE would be dramatically beneficial.

    That is NOT to say the UK would be in a good situation. Merely that the situation would not be as bad as it could have been!

    The other factor to take into account would be the political consequences in the Eurozone countries of a Eurozone collpase.

    Then of course we have the Trump factor.

    One can be in no doubt that “The Donald” would be eager to exploit the chaos: for the advantage of the USA! He would undoubtedly offer “a wonderful, a magnificent, absolutely beautiful trade deal”.

    A FACT which is VERY VERY IMPORT to bear in mind is that “The Donald’s” “wonderful, a magnificent, absolutely beautiful trade deal” will be what is known as an “Executive Agreement”. What it will not be is a “Free Trade Treaty”. US Presidents using their executive authority can make “executive agreements” with foreign [in US terms] states. US Presidents CAN NOT make treaties. Treaties are made by the United States Senate when a two third majority for supporting ratification is obtained. US Democrat politicians have already stated their opposition to any agreement with the UK relating to trade if the Irish Republic objects. However they cannot stop the President from concluding an executive agreement. It is however important to note that an executive agreement can be suspended or revoked at any time by the President. The Iran nuclear deal is a case in point.

    Thus in the event of a “No Deal Brexit” “The Donald” may very well offer the Unfortunate Buffoon a “wonderful, a magnificent, absolutely beautiful trade deal” which the UB may well feel he cannot refuse but it’s terms can be varied at will by “The Donald” – who is famously unreliable.

    The POINT that Dr. North and others constantly point out about those who argue about the so-called “WTO terms” is that the obstructions to trade are NOT just concerning tariffs! They concern what are termed “non tariff barriers” or to use phrases that occur in the arguments of the trading status of Ulster, “regulatory alignment” and “regulatory divergence”. Specifically, in relation to a “No Deal Brexit” there is another phrase, “regulatory recognition”. It is the lack of “regulatory recognition” that will be the cause of the chaos: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87284
    A “No Deal Brexit” still appears as bad as it ever did!

    What the UK has managed to manoeuvre itself into is a position of “the devil” [the EU] and “the deep blue sea” [“the wonderful, magnificent, absolutely beautiful trade deal”].

    The danger of remaining within the EU’s internal market now is clear: the EU will demand that the UK is exposed to the risk of supporting the Eurozone in the event of a crash.

    The danger of the UK relying on a “wonderful, a magnificent, absolutely beautiful trade deal” is obvious!

    Sadly, there are occasions in life when it can be said that there are NO good options.

    This is one.

    Furthermore it should be pointed out to all those remainers and remainiacs – particular the twerp who cries out “Nooooooooo Breeeeexxxxiiiiitttt!” – that had the British People voted to remain in the EU, the liability exposure to the Eurozone would have been guaranteed!

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