• One minute and thirteen miles difference + Looking after oneself!


    Above, the Shell filling station at Cribb’s Causeway, Patchway, Bristol. BS10 7TG

    At midnight last night, my credit card supplier raised a statement – payment of which will be collected in full by direct debit on Thursday 8th August. I value my credit card greatly and use it often. Payment for the goods and services acquired thereby is always collected in full every month and thus I avoid paying interest.

    I find the possession of a credit card a huge help as I am not paid monthly but receive three sets of quarterly payments (this includes something known as the “feed-in-tariff” which essentially is a legalised, tax excepted, fraud perpetrated upon those electricity customers who do not have solar panels on their roofs) and three sets of six monthly payments.

    Today’s date – 15th of the month – is therefore important as any payment for goods I make today will not be taken from my current account until 25 days after the statement was raised which means that the money will next be taken out on Monday 9th August (the 8th being a Sunday). This helps me to manage my cash.

    One of the things I will be buying today is unleaded petrol. I last purchased such on Monday 3rd June following my taking delivery of my new car. I had some petrol in the tank when I took collected it at Hawkins Motors of Hayle. So far it has done short local journeys and thus the fuel consumption has not been good.

    The filling station I will use will be the Tesco Petrol Station, Branwell Lane, Penzance, Cornwall
    TR18 3DU. I will combine this with shopping for soup and other items in the adjacent Tesco store.

    In doing so, I will reflect upon how life has changed in the seven years since July 2012. At that time, from Friday 27th July to Sunday 12th August 2012 the London Olympics were held. I am not an avid watcher of sport on TV. However, I made an exception during the London Olympics. As I watched the nation’s lottery funded athletes excel and collected their many medals, I had no idea how my life was to change the following year.

    Up to that time the Shell filling station was a regular calling point for the Rogers family since 1998. This because 1998 was the first year the Rogers family car used LPG and in our trips down to our beloved Cornwall we would fill up either at the aforementioned location or a cheaper supplier immediately opposite. Since this supplier was only open during the “office hours” of “nine to five” it was generally the slightly more expensive Shell station that got the custom.

    This Bristol LPG filling point was important as it was 209 miles (via M1, M42, M5) from the Rogers family home and according to Google a journey of 3 hours 25 minutes. Of course, the importance of this filling station has declined sharply as my present car is not converted to run on LPG. Were it to be the journey from my new home is (via A30 and M5) 196 miles, some 13 miles less but again according to Google at 3 hours 26 minutes, a minute longer.

    This filling station figures in my memory as it is connected with those earlier times when we ventured south and west. Another memory from those times is of “Dad” sitting in the front passenger seat of my old Merc’ as we were driving south on the M1. We were approaching the Nottingham turnoff and I glanced at him. He was sitting looking ahead and was quite happy. How much he could see was questionable as his glaucoma was quite advanced but he knew where he was head – to his beloved “south west”. And that was the point. The aforementioned 209 miles was south and west of where we lived. And the present 196 miles is east and north of where I now live.
    Precisely in the opposite direction!

    I of course am NOT the only person living in the opposite direction and whose life has changed utterly in these seven years!

    There is for instance Amber Augusta Rudd…….

    On Monday 10th September 2012, Amber was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer then George Osborne. This was for the back bench Member for Hastings and Rye the first rung of the ministerial career ladder.

    Now, nearly seven years to that day this Europhile MP made the following broadcast:British Gazette comment: Oh Amber!
    It is one thing to talk nonsense out of ignorance!

    After all, such as Barrack Room Batten does not know any better! He can be excused! This is an upright, honest man who sincerely believes the tosh he speaks. But you, Dear Lady?

    You KNOW that you have just spoken nonsense!

    Why are you speaking it?

    Presumably because you want to hang on to your ministerial career should The Buffoon occupy #10!

    The Sun newspaper reports the dismay of her fellow Europhile Tories.
    GOTO: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9506518/amber-rudd-thrown-out-hammond-brexit/

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