• Living in interesting times: Lloyds Bank + political happenings!


    Many private investors know about “The Motley Fool” (https://www.fool.co.uk/help/about-us/).
    The latest opinion on Lloyds Bank (https://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2019/07/22/tempted-by-lloyds-share-price-heres-what-you-need-to-know/) is one I essentially agree with.
    Today is the 29th July. In a month on 29th August, the Happy Day will have arrived that is the dead-line for PPI claims.

    Share prices of course are constantly changing whilst the markets are open, but accepting this, at the last internet valuation, Lloyds Bank represented (by value) 6.5% of my portfolio. The utility, SSE represents 5.7%.

    These shares represent that part of my portfolio most exposed to the exigencies of a “No Deal Brexit”.

    Of course, it can be said that attempting to predict the future – especially in relation to the stock market – is a fool’s game and that those who collectively form, “The Motley Fool” are well named.

    Insofar as my portfolio is concerned, I myself am not too concerned about a “NDB”. Make no mistake though: I am VERY concerned at the prospect of a “NDB”!
    Yesterday, Brexiteer Jeff Taylor, LLB produced a video commentary on the activities of Messrs. Hammond & Starmer.British Gazette comment of the above: Mr Taylor could well have hit several nails squarely on the head here with this analysis.

    Yesterday Doctor North produced his own analysis of the situation vis-à-vis a possible General Election.
    GOTO: http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87312
    Both Mr Taylor and Doctor North raise the possibility of a General Election held on Halloween/Brexit Day itself! Clearly then, in these circumstances, the media across the English speaking world will be suggesting that the British People are in for a “trick or treat election”!

    The word, “historic” is frequently overused. However, were there to be a “No Deal Brexit” and also a General Election held on Thursday 31st October 2019 journalists would be completely justified to describe it as “historic”.

    The BG has since April 2016 often described the Brexit proceedings as a farce or as “un grand coup de théâtre”. If a GE and NDB take place on Halloween, we would have to state, “you just could NOT make this up!”

    Of ALL the myriad possibilities one is a racing certainty: Such events will be the stuff of TV dramas and “movies” for years to come! The timing could not be other than one drawn up by a Hollywood producer! Polls close at 10PM GMT. Brexit takes place an hour later at 11PM GMT (BST ending on Sunday, 27th October at 2:00AM).

    The politicians MOST smiling (inwardly and secretly) will be such as these people:This because the chaos (which will be in the short term interest of the EU to perpetuate) will result in another General Election shortly afterwards as the likely new government will be unable to function. Amidst the chaos the Lib Dems will campaign on a platform to rejoin the EU ASAP! This of course would mean rejoining without the previous “opt-outs” AND having to accept the Euro – if not immediately after a very short period. Since Sterling will be trading BELOW the Euro, this will benefit the general public in terms of prices in the shops!

    The prospect of a Lib-Dem majority government is in these circumstances a realistic one!

    Thus we will have the cruellest of ALL ironies: All those describing themselves as “Brexiteers” namely the members of the Brexit Party and UKIP who will have enthusiastically campaigned for a “No Deal Brexit” will be faced with their ultimate nightmare! The UK back in the EU AND in the ERM/Eurozone and possibly within the Schengen Area as well!

    Of course, this for me will mean an improvement of my financial fortunes. The profits of Lloyds Bank will improve as will the share price and the dividend. As for SSE, the prospect of expropriation by Comrade Corbyn will be off the agenda. My largest shareholding, Royal Dutch Shell (39.85%) will effectively have increased it’s dividend due to the fall of Sterling and it’s incorporation into the Euro at parity of below parity.

    To those Brexiteers wishing to condemn me, a local person has beaten you to it! A member of the group “Extinction Rebellion” informs me that I am an appalling person for owning the number of shares in the oil company Shell I do as I am taking part in the destruction of the planet!

    So there! With decarbonised knobs on!

    BTW: Mr Taylor is a prolific “YouTuber”. Since New Year’s Day 2014 his videos have clocked up over 8,809,309 views. Mr Taylor has a “Facebook” page.
    GOTO: https://www.facebook.com/economic.voice

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