• Spotted: Her “boobs” aren’t that big!


    One of the great “sit-coms” of the 1980s was “’Allo ‘Allo”. One of the sub-plots concerned a valuable painting, the “Fallen Madonna with the big boobs by Van Kloomp”. There was the original painting and two forgeries.
    On Thursday 25th July 2019, Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould presented the first programme of the eighth series of “Fake or Fortune?” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fake_or_Fortune%3F) on BBC1.
    Of course, were Mr Mould presented with the above work he would immediately spot it as a forgery! This because the lady’s “boobs” are not large but of ordinary proportions!

    Mr Mould’s problem however is that many forgers are a great deal cleverer than the person who produced the above. Of course, a forger’s task (of defrauding a “mark”) is made much easier if the “mark” is gullible!

    It would appear that in the fraudulent task of hoodwinking the masses that the present Brexit policy is designed to ensure the UK’s permanent departure from the never to be sufficiently damned abomination that is the European Union of the Cities and the Regions is enjoying some success as a majority of members of the voting public are convinced that the government led by Boris the Buffoon is seeking a permanent Brexit.

    Of course Dear Reader, you will have noticed our use of the adjective “permanent”. This is quite deliberate for logical analysis of the Buffoon’s strategy would appear to indicate the most probable outcome of a temporary Brexit!
    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87314), Doctor Richard North points out the fallacies and the inconsistencies that are contained in the strategy been pursued by the Buffoon. There is however a FLAW in Doctor North’s argument; namely that in order to pursue the objective he APPEARS to be pursuing, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson would have to be an ignorant fool. This however is something that the aforesaid the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip is not.

    So….. What is happening?

    Well, let us look at the UK economy and the economy of the supra-national confederacy it is set to leave. One of the things that most economists would point out is that the UK’s financial sector is very large in relation to the overall size of the UK economy. This has a term applied to it, this being; “overweight”.

    Were the British Empire still in existence and those nations that had been given independence since 1947 were still governed as they were and assuming (the utterly impossible) that the vast majority of their populations were happy with this and did not indulge in any form of protest activity (a ludicrous fantasy) the size of the City of London to the UK economy would not be a problem as “the City” is the size it would and should be were the UK a superpower – which it is clearly not!

    Let us now look at the EU. Ignoring for a moment “Brexit”, the EU has a set of problems: Big Problems!

    There are several member states who have debts in excess of what they can afford. Then there is the Euro. If a financial collapse were to take place in one member state, it could lead to “contagion” and this could mean that the whole edifice could collapse. This would be serious. And not just for the EU members but also it’s major trading partners – such as the UK!
    Think of the Euro as a Ponzi Scheme (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme)!
    One of the things a fraudster operating a ponzi scheme must do is to ensure that he or she has a constant supply of new “investors” (marks). When he or she runs out of new marks, the scheme collapses and they invariably end up in gaol!

    The FACT is that those running the Euro are desperate to have the UK join!

    Notwithstanding the FACT that the only remnant of the British Empire is contained in The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_British_Empire), “the City” is a key asset for the EU.
    Here is another FACT: London is a much preferred location for international financial businessmen (and women) than Frankfurt and/or Paris.

    Here is another FACT: English is THE international language.

    Here is another FACT: Many people who would be described as “White British” are often unsettled by the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith London of today. When they travel there they don’t feel “at home” because of the number of “foreign” faces, accents, customs and fashions. However what makes these “White British” people feel unsettled has the opposite effect on many visitors and residents from overseas. London’s cosmopolitan nature is a BIG attraction to international visitors.

    Here is another FACT: IF Sterling were no more and had become absorbed into the Euro and London and not Frankfurt was the centre of European Finance the stability and survivability of the Euro would be increased greatly!

    So posit this Dear Reader: Imagine you are a Europhile Eurocrat. This for many readers is something that is virtually impossible for them to do! You would like the UK’s population to be as enthusiastic about the EU as the Dutch. You would like the UK to join the Eurozone and shed ALL it’s opt-outs and become signed up to all things EU!

    A ludicrous fantasy you shout!

    NOT IF the UK crashes out with No Deal and chaos ensues and a Liberal Democrat dominated Government of National Unity seeks and succeeds in having the UK rejoin the EU ASAP!

    The UK might only be a free sovereign county for 100 Days! From Friday 1st November 2019 to Sunday, 9th February 2020!

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