• Nigel Farage: Will he? Won’t he?


    With the CBR/BBC (Commissariat de Bruxelles à la radiodiffusion/Brussels Broadcasting Commissariat) commenting on the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49204174), those who would label themselves as “Brexiteers” and those who would label themselves as “Remainers” are wondering what this portends for the future.

    Of course, Joanne “Sidekick” [to the President of the EU Commission] Swinson CBE is very chirpy about the success of her candidate. But this was an election victory handed to her by two people. One was her opponent Christopher Paul Davies who should never have been the Tory candidate and the other was a certain Nigel Farage!

    You see, had the Tories and the common sense and even a modicum of self-awareness they would never have adopted Mr Davies as their candidate! A sensible political party would have adopted another local Tory and the national Tory politicians would have done a “sack-cloth and ashes routine” before the good people of Brecon and Radnorshire. Had Mr Farage had decided not to stand a candidate for the Farage Fan Club aka, the Brexit Party, the Tories would likely have won this “Leave” seat comfortably!
    But no! Common sense seems to be as rare as hen’s teeth in these organisations!
    Sidekick Swinson of course has a contest closer to home to ponder: Her own in East Dunbartonshire! She lost the seat to the SNP in 2015 and regained it in 2017.

    Returning the focus to Wales however, the CBR/BBC have commented up the Buffoon’s majority: One!

    Of course, notwithstanding any statements to the contrary, calling a General Election must be figuring prominently in The Buffoon’s mind. This is because the Buffoon had two tasks:

    #1: Remain in office until Halloween, aka Brexit Day.

    #2: Run an effective government from All Hallows’ Day onwards.

    Addressing task #1, this is inextricably linked to task #2. To achieve Brexit, the Buffoon has to avoid the Remainers in parliament stopping Brexit by seizing control of the House of Commons.
    Prorogation of Parliament (https://www.parliament.uk/about/how/occasions/prorogation/) has been ruled out and is politically impossible.
    A “No Deal Brexit” appears now to be a highly likely prospect.

    This because a deal cannot be implemented by Halloween and it is not the case of the EU not “Blinking first” – the EU is unable to blink.

    The ONLY way to STOP a “No Deal Brexit” is to either revoke Article 50 or apply for an extension of same! If the present government is not prepared to do either then the ONLY way of doing either of these two things is to hold a General Election on or before Thursday 24th October 2019.

    However the Buffoon might be planning for a General Election on Brexit Day itself!

    We have commented upon this before.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/07/29/living-in-interesting-times-lloyds-bank-political-happenings/
    The timing of an election is governed by two laws. One is the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, which sets the minimum period for an election campaign at 25 working days. That means there have to be five weeks between calling an election and polling day.

    The other is the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 which sets the date of the next election as 5 May 2022 unless one of two things happens. One is that MPs vote by a two-thirds majority to hold an early election, as they did in 2017.

    The BG now feels that a likely prospect is that on Thursday 26th September 2019 the Buffoon will call for a General Election and Comrade Corbyn and Sidekick Swinton will feel compelled (whatever their private concerns might be) to agree to for Thursday 31st October 2019.

    For the Buffoon the timing would coincide well with the party conference season. Viz.

    Brexit Party – They do not appear to be having one.
    Conservative – Manchester from 29th September to 2nd October (https://conservativepartyconference.com/index)
    Labour – Brighton from 21st September to 25th September (https://labour.org.uk/conference/)
    Liberal Democrats – Bournemouth: 14th September to 17th September (https://www.libdems.org.uk/autumn-conference)
    Green Party Friday – International Convention Centre (Newport) Wales from 4th October to 6th October (https://www.greenparty.org.uk/conference/)
    UKIP – International Convention Centre (Newport) Wales from 20th September to 21st September (https://www.ukip.org/)
    You see, the one thing that will be prominent in the Buffoon’s mind is that whilst the Tories can survive as a minority government for a short time – until Halloween – they could not possibly survive after All Hallows’ Day as the requirement for a towering majority will be overriding – in order to effectively govern in this trying time!

    So the question that Farage will have to ask himself is this: “Why should I bother to field any candidates?” This for the simple reason that his stated aim – to leave the EU without a “bad deal” will have been achieved!

    The BG however expects his ego – which is rumoured to exceed the size of the planet Jupiter – to compel him to field candidates in order “to hold the Tories feet to the fire”.

    In doing so however, the man who it could be said brought about Brexit, could be the man who brought the nightmare scenario of a coalition government lead by Sidekick Swinton maintained on a Confidence & Supply basis by Strict Mistress Sturgeon taking the UK back into the EU!
    Of course, one can expect the EU to facilitate such expeditiously!
    We would NOT be surprised were the treaty of renewed membership to come into effect at 11PM on Saturday 8th February 2020 making the independence of the UK to have lasted a mere 100 days!

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