• Brexit: Betting the farm!


    Above, a Royal Flush. Will the sovereignty of Parliament end up being flushed down the toilet?

    The phrase “risk appetite” is well known amongst institutional investors and the financial services industry generally. Wikipedia has a good article on it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_appetite
    In this organ, I have posted often on my investments, which, apart from the cash collectors (solar panels) on the roof of my home are now my sole source of income. In these articles I have explained that I have opted for a higher risk appetite than I normally would have done due to the fact that I require a certain level of income to live in a reasonable manner. Cognisant of the risks involved, I nevertheless sought to minimise same by a careful choice of the major elements of my portfolio. Which explains why I have (based on values at around a quarter to twelve today) 32.65% (by value) invested in Phoenix Group and 38.98% invested in Royal Dutch Shell. Today, Phoenix Group have released their half year results which happily confirms my confidence in them.
    GOTO: https://www.thephoenixgroup.com/investor-relations/results-centre/2019.aspx
    It is VERY important to realise that NO competent professional independent financial adviser currently regulated by the Financial Services Authority would EVER recommend such an overweight position! My stockbroker has transacted ALL my dealings on an “execution only” basis and are therefore absolved of ANY liability resulting from my investment decisions.

    I am therefore well familiar with the phrase used as the title of today’s post!

    NB: I have not and will not “bet the farm” or “put all my eggs in one basket”!

    To do so would be an act of a fool!

    Sadly however, we appear to have in the person of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson currently Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Minister for the Union, a fool!

    Which is why this organ refers to him as Boris the Buffoon!

    It appears that the Buffoon is planning a general election on either Thursday 31th October 2019 (Brexit Day) or Thursday 7th November 2019 Brexit Day plus seven!
    See Doctor North’s posts of yesterday (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87321) and today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87322).
    Now, whilst the decision of holding a general election on Brexit Day can be regarded as the actions of an idiot, a decision to hold it on Brexit plus 7 can only be described as the actions of a raving lunatic!

    It would be, to use current vernacular, “beyond stupid”!

    You see, in many of his blustering perorations made during the 2016 referendum campaign itself, the Buffoon oft used the phrases, “take back control” and “taking back control”. It is therefore extremely difficult to encompass in one’s imagination the level of pig-headed, reckless, imbecility required to hold the vote on Thursday 7th November 2019! How utterly stupid can the Tories get?

    You see, it should be abundantly clear to ALL sentiment lifeforms with more than two functioning brain cells, that holding the election a week into the period of a No Deal Brexit places the UK and therefore the electoral fortunes of the Tories entirely at the mercy of the European Commission!

    This is not “taking back control” it is “handing over control”!

    To the EU!

    One can but imagine the reaction in Brussels!

    ALL the EU has to do – to ensure a very good result for their friends and allies in the Liberal Democrats led by Sidekick Swinson – is to cause there to be a sufficient level of chaos to ensure the UK electorate is angered at Tory incompetence at the turmoil the Tories will have brought down on people’s heads without going too far as to make it appear that it is the EU’s and not the UK’s doing! The most likely tactic they will employ is to ensure that chaos really will ensue but will come forward with generous offers of help so as to appear reasonable and helpful!

    NB: The EU has a term for this situation: a “beneficial crisis”! Beneficial that is for the EU!

    Of course, in the cauliflower resemblance that is the Buffoon’s brain, the strategy will be this: Shoot the fox of Fairyland Farage and the Brexit party by holding the poll when Brexit has been achieved in the hope of exploiting the divisions in the ranks of the party led by Comrade Corbyn and achieve a workable majority!

    This of course is to gamble the sovereignty of the UK on one poll that will be influenced by the EU as Sidekick and her Remainiac colleagues will immediately set about negotiating the UK’s rapid re-entry into the EU and also the required entry into the ERM prior to entry into the Eurozone!

    Thus in one fell swoop the UK will have jumped from the Frying Pan of EU membership to the Fire of EU + Eurozone membership!

    Just how BAD is that?

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