• Brexit: Fantasy politics has taken hold!


    Brexiteer Jeff Taylor has published a YouTube video (https://youtu.be/E2bBTTxq3xo) commenting upon the proposal put forward by Caroline Lucas for an all female cabinet to stop Brexit.

    British politics is clearly getting barmier and barmier by the hour!

    Mr Taylor points out that dear old Comrade Corbyn is not going to give up on his lifetime ambition to become the occupant of #10!

    Of course, Comrade Corbyn has to realise that the power of a British Prime Minister ALWAYS sits behind them!

    The circumstances that are the subject of La Lucas’s fantasy are where a new government is appointed using the Royal Pregrogative without having a dissolution of Parliament and the election of a new one.

    At this point we have to look to the British constitution as to what is and what is not possible.

    The practise of the monarch appointing a prime minister capable of forming a majority government is a convention borne out of practical politics – namely a minister who can enact legislation and carry the confidence of the house in order to enact government policy.

    The prime minister does not have to be a member of the House of Commons. They can be a member of the House of Lords.

    In the hypothetical situation of the Speaker of the Commons presenting a petition to HM to dismiss a PM and appoint a new one she would first have to ask Comrade Corbyn who is the Leader of HM’s Loyal Opposition. To her question, “Can you form a government?” He would have to answer “No Mam” as it would be clear that no MPs outside the Labour party would vote for a Gracious Speech in such circumstances. In these circumstances she would have to reply on Speaker Bercow’s advice as to who could possible form a government!

    An examination of the current state of the parties at Westminster (https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/current-state-of-the-parties/) shows that the party at position #3 is the SNP. That being the case, the Remainers in Parliament may agree to the following proposal:

    That a temporary “Government of National Unity” would be created with a legislative programme consisting of two major pieces of legislation:

    #1: Enacting of an act to give a Second Referendum on acceptance of the Withdrawal Agreement or revocation on Article 50 AND:

    #2: Enacting of an act to give a Second Referendum on Scottish Independence.

    These two referendums to be carried out on the same day!

    The proviso being the the Government of National Unity would resign after the referendum and a General Election would take place.

    In these circumstances, could we see The Right Honourable Nicola, the Baroness Sturgeon of Prestwick and Dreghorn, PC, MSP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, Minister for the Union and First Minister of Scotland?

    The remainers and the remainiacs accuse the Brexiteers of being delusional about a hard Brexit. Well, the BG says this: “Pot meet kettle!”

    You see the basic Europhile fantasy surrounding a hard Brexit is this:

    The UK leaves without a deal. There is much disruption and economic problems. The result causes a new government to re-enter the EU and enter the Eurozone. The Euro becomes more viable due to UK membership and London becomes the Eurozone financial centre thus London having a relationship with Brussels analogous to the one New York has with Washington DC. That this bolsters the Eurozone and propels it into the position of dispalcing the US $ as the world’s reserve currency – with the international commodity exchanges (including of course, oil) traded in the Euro and NOT the US $. This enables the Eurozone members to take advantage of the reserve currency status and the gigantic debts of France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain become sustainable.

    This is delusional fantasy!

    There is NO WAY that ANY US President or US Congress is going to tolerate ANY attempt to do this!

    Were the US $ to loose it’s reserve currency status the US sovereign debt would become unsustainable and the US economy would collapse!

    This is beyond bonkers!

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