• In office: But not in power.

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    NB: This video is embedded from the Guardian’s YouTube website and not directly from the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat (whose video it is) as the BG is blacklisted by the “Beeb”!
    To those Brexiteers hopeful of experiencing the first effects of a “No Deal Brexit” at 11PM on Thursday 31st October 2019 – the ultimate in “trick or treats” – it appears that they are going to be disappointed.

    The Remainer Parliament – as historians will surely name it – will it appears pass a motion of no confidence in Her Majesty’s government and before a fortnight is up – in which his mind will presumably be concentrated wonderfully – Comrade Corbyn will ask Her Majesty to dismiss The Buffoon as Prime Minister and appoint him.

    In his interview with the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat above, he suggests his proposed course of action is in line with the British Constitution.

    Err….. Not quite!

    Fundamentally, the position in relation to the use of the Royal Prerogative is this: Her Majesty acts on the advice of Her ministers. And therein lies the problem! Comrade Corbyn is not one of her ministers. For Her Majesty to act (that is to say use the Royal Prerogative) she will insist on the provision of advice from an appropriate person. When she sacked the Australian prime minister in the 1970s it was on the advice of the Governor-General. Sacking a British Prime Minister as opposed to an Australian Prime Minister is difficult as there is no such person or office as Governor General of the United Kingdom! Furthermore, Comrade Corbyn would not only be asking Her Majesty to dismiss the Buffoon, but her entire government! Truly, this is uncharted territory!

    Fundamentally, Her Majesty appoints Her Government based on it’s ability to get it’s proposed programme of legislation through the House of Commons. This is the keystone of the representative democracy in this country.

    It is the opinion of the BG that Her Majesty would in this extreme position have to rely on the advice of The Right Honourable John Bercow, PC, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons. It would have to be the speaker acting in his role of speaker of the Commons to advise Her Majesty to sack the Buffoon and appoint Comrade Corbyn. Here we go straight back to 1642 when the then Speaker, William Lenthall, famously replied to Charles II: “May it please your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here.”

    For Speaker Bercow to advise Her Majesty to sack the Buffoon and appoint Comrade Corbyn, he would require a motion in favour of such passed in the Commons. Armed with this, he could call upon HM in Buckingham Palace and HM would be able to act accordingly.

    Be sure of one thing: Her Majesty will NOT act on her own initiative! Her Majesty understands her role as a constitutional monarch and will NOT allow herself to become embroiled in party politics!

    What this means is that on or around Tuesday 3rd September 2019, we could see the House of Commons pass a motion of no confidence in the government and shortly afterwards, a motion petitioning Her Majesty to dismiss the Prime Minister and to appoint the Leader of the Opposition as Prime Minister. If this motion is passed, Speaker Bercow can them seek an audience with Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace to formally present the request. Her Majesty would then request her PM (the Buffoon) to attend upon her and she would dismiss him. She would then call upon Comrade Corbyn to form a new government.

    NB: No general election would have taken place.

    Presumably Comrade Prime Minister Corbyn would appoint a new government and then the new Foreign Secretary would contact the European Union and ask that they call an emergency meeting of the European Council to consider a request from the UK for a further extension to Article 50. This would be to allow time for a General Election to take place and also time to put in place legislation for a second referendum and time to hold same.

    Predicting the results of elections is sheer guesswork. The BG would guess that the most likely outcome would be that neither of the major parties (Conservative/Labour) will have a majority and the most likely outcome is a coalition with the Lib-Dems. Clearly, Sidekick Swinson will insist on commitment to legislate for Proportional Representation. We anticipate that both major parties will refuse this but may well agree to a second referendum on the issue. Thus those of us on the electoral role on the UK could very well see us visiting the polling stations on a Thursday in June to vote not in one but two referendums:

    #1: Should the UK leave the European Union without a deal?

    #2: Should the UK adopt the Single Transferable Vote for elections to the House of Commons?

    BG readers will of course ask this:

    How would the Editor vote in such referendums?

    In respect of vote #1, I would have to spoil my ballot paper by writing, “Vote withheld” across it.

    In respect of vote #2, I would vote for STV.

    • Should such a scenario come to pass and Corbyn becomes PM, how many of the Labour party will be squealing ‘that he wasn’t elected to that position’, as they did with Boris???

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