• Sensible and insensibility. (Apologies to Jane Austen)


    One of my many failings people say is that I am too much a creature of habit.

    One of these habits is to purchase the “Weekend” TV guide (costing £1) from the village stores each Saturday morning. This is a big saving on the cost of the “Radio Times” – 26 issues of which can be purchased online for a single payment of £60 or £2.31 a copy. Thus over a course of a year I spend £52 instead of £120. Additionally, I help support the village shop.

    Readers of course may never have heard of the publication, “Weekend”. Doubtless however they will have heard of the publication, the “Daily Mail”. You see, every Saturday the “Daily Mail” includes the publication, “Weekend” at no extra cost. This by the way is the ONLY reason I buy the Daily Mail. Which is why I buy it on Saturday and no other day.

    You see, as Doctor Richard North states in his excellent commentary (Brexit: the blame game) about the ludicrousness of our current politics today, “In this foetid political atmosphere, nothing is real and nothing has substance. A story lasts only for as long as it takes for it to be replaced with another one.”
    Which is why I do not waste money on buying something which it is clearly not; printed paper containing actual news.

    À propos the title of this post, the reason for us choosing to paraphrase Jane Austen is Doctor North’s comment, “There are few people who will sensibly dispute that the European Union is a rules-based organisation….” Sadly, there are more than a few who think not in the sense that they feel that the EU can waive any rule if it pleases them. These include all (probably) Brexit Party subscribers and all (with one exception) members of UKIP.
    Where matters of international trade (the Irish border included) are concerned, this is NOT the case!
    All of which brings us to the image contained at the top of the post, a cartoon of the Buffoon as a suicide bomber. Extreme? Undoubtedly. Over the top? Probably. But so bankrupt of common sense has the political discourse become that artists are being pushed as far as this.

    The cartoon sums it up: A “no deal Brexit” will be an economic or a political death knell – or both.

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