• Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg // Where there is a will, there is a way.


    Above, King George I by Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt. It hangs in the National Portrait Gallery (https://www.npg.org.uk/).
    In relation to Brexit, it was Frau Merkel who used the proverb, Where there is a will, there is a way. The lady prefixed her use of the same by referring to it as an old German proverb. Of course, we in Britain know it as an old English proverb. This organ is not going to get into an argument over where the proverb originated, except to suggest that a very good case could be made for the proverb originating in Germany and coming over with the Hanoverians. It is highly credible that King George I and his German courtiers could have brought the proverb with them as the King famously could not speak English and his statements required translation. This could well have been the proverb’s route from Germany to Britain.

    Wherever it originated however, the proverb is very true. If human beings have the will to do something then a way can generally be found, even if the obstacles to such appear to be overwhelming.
    In his YouTube video (https://youtu.be/stwdSDUunog) published on 25th August, Brexiteer Jeff Taylor made a “talking typo” which he later corrected in the transcript below the video.
    Jeff stated: “Please note I made an error in the video by saying – for some inexplicable reason – that the 14th of October was after Brexit Day!” Jeff duly corrected himself, viz: “This would then take us right up to the 14th of October, well on the way to Brexit Day and leaving almost no time for a Remainer plot to develop.”

    Many Brexiteers may well think that 17 days is too small a window of opportunity for the remainers in the Labour Party and the remainiacs in the Liberal Democrat and Scottish National parties to stop Brexit.

    Well, you would be WRONG!

    They COULD!

    It must NOT be forgotten that the remainers and remainiacs have in their ranks the Remainer-in-Chief, Speaker Bercow!

    This is because there happens to be a European Council meeting in Brussels on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th October 2019.
    Details: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/meetings/european-council/2019/10/17-18/
    Essentially, the time-table potentially looks like this:

    Monday 14th October: Parliament opened by HM. Start of the debate on the Gracious Speech.

    Tuesday 15th October: RIC Speaker Bercow allows an opposition amendment to the speech demanding an extension to article 50 be requested in order to hold a “People’s Vote”. Should this be carried, it will be regarded as a vote of No Confidence in HMG.

    At this point the remainers and remainiacs led by RIC Speaker Bercow will seek to replace the government forcing The Buffoon out of office and replacing him with A N Other.

    Of course, Comrade Corbyn dearly wishes this to be him!
    The question the BG asks of him is this: Jeremy… Why? Why do you first seek the poison chalice and secondly; Why do you wish to place the chalice to your lips and drink the hemlock therein?
    There is NO sense to this!

    It is a FACT that the two most likely culprits able to achieve the ambitions of the remainers and the remainiacs will be the Dastardly Duo of Conniving Clarke as Prime Minister and Harridan Hatemen as Deputy Prime Minister!

    Thus Wednesday 16th October 2019 could see Conniving Clarke ensconced in #10 Downing Street together with his partner in crime, Harridan Hatemen in #11 Downing Street.

    Thus Thursday 17th October could see Conniving Clarke as PM attend the EU Council and ask for an A50 extension sufficient to enable a “People’s Vote” aka a second referendum on the issue of Brexit.

    HOWEVER: there could be a variation to this. The EU is of course in CONSTANT communication through intermediaries with such as the Dastardly Duo and the EU at this point will want to have the Brexit issue settled ASAP!

    NB: A second referendum will NOT achieve this! A50 would have to be extended for more than 6 months and possibly up to 9 months to comply with the legal requirements set down by the Electoral Commission. The “temporary administration” would be highly unstable – it’s majority will be non existent and it will not be able to last any length of time. The only way out for the Dastardly Duo would be to place the Withdrawal Agreement before the House of Commons giving effect to Brexit but subject to a BINDING CONFIRMATORY VOTE.

    Because the binding confirmatory vote would be contained in the legislation giving effect to the Withdrawal Agreement (a treaty) it would contain the provisions giving it effect and thus the legal requirements set out in statute would be avoided. This may very well see the resignations of Sir John Holmes the Chairman of the Electoral Commission and it’s CEO, Bob Posner.

    The questions on the ballot paper of such a poll could be along these lines:

    Should the United Kingdom enact the Withdrawal Agreement and leave the European Union?

    Should the United Kingdom not enact the Withdrawal Agreement, revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union?

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