• On the march!


    In April 1801, one William Roskilly (34), convicted of burglary in Mawgan, was hanged at Bodmin gaol. The hanging took place in the gaol but the public could view the hanging through the railings.

    Present in the crowd were two individuals without whom this blog-post would not be written. This was because Mr John Rogers, aged 31 at the time had on his shoulders his son, aged 7 and not that far off his 8th birthday, on his shoulders affording him a view of the grisly spectacle. Mr John Rogers was my great, great, great grandfather and his son James, my great, great grandfather.

    Today (between 11AM and 1PM), North Cornwall Labour Party is staging what they describe as a “Pro-Democracy rally and march in Mount Folly Square, Bodmin (https://www.facebook.com/events/401777420356391/). The demo’ is part of a nationwide set of protests against the prorogation of Parliament by the Buffoon (https://www.anothereurope.org/stopthecoup-join-the-nationwide-wave-of-protests/). Dear old Comrade Corbyn will of course be leading the demo and addressing the crowd – which is what he does best! Here is a man who is truly in his element!

    Meanwhile, as the Remainers and Remainiacs march along Bodmin’s streets, The Sun newspaper reports (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9834425/gordon-brown-eu-third-brexit-extension/) that Gordon Brown believes that the EU will offer the UK a further Article 50 extension next week.
    Words like “cat” and “pigeons” come to mind!
    And here we come to the nub of this issue – there is a basic misunderstanding in the UK’s political elite about the predicament the country is in.

    This is NOT a new problem. Back at the start of the 19th Century when the unfortunate burglar Mr Roskilly stood on the gallows he was a victim of a judiciary that felt capital punishment for minor non violent crimes was proportionate. This was based on the mistaken belief that severe punishments will result in a lower crime rate. There is a superficial logic to this of course, but an analysis will show it to be false. The other aspect to public hangings was that they were popular with the public – at a time when most of the King’s subjects were disenfranchised.

    Many of those who are now referred to – and refer to themselves – as “Brexiteers” are under a belief that the EU “will blink” and offer to change the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement.
    This is a mistaken belief!
    The FACT is that even if those most adversely affected by a no deal Brexit (Ireland, France & Germany) wished to change the agreement, they could not do so within the in the 61 days left. The EU is essentially a “rules based organisation” and as such is a rigid inflexible organisation – all of which does not bode well for a no deal Brexit!

    IF the EU offers an Article 50 extension next week, it will be because it is patently in their own interests to do so!

    This offer of course will be WRONGLY interpreted by those such as Foolish Francois as “The EU is beginning to blink!” It will further energise the Remainers and Remainiacs. This will especially be the case if the EU Council meeting in Brussels on the 17th and 18th October makes a formal offer of an extension.

    There has been much talk (and outrage) of a coup d’état by the Remainers and Remainiacs vis-à-vis the prorogation of Parliament. Expect to see much talk of a coup d’état (and outrage) by the Brexiteers when the Buffoon returns from the meeting in Brussels having declined the EU’s offer! The likelihood will be of a vote of no confidence being called by Comrade Corbyn on Monday 21st October 2019.

    Monday 21st October 2019 is course will be a historic date! As well as being the 10th anniversary of the founding of the BG (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2009/10/21/a-phoenix-from-the-ashes/) is is the day that the Royal Navy led by Admiral Lord Nelson, defeated Napoleon’s fleet off Cape Trafalgar in 1805.

    This (or shortly afterwards) might see the House of Commons support the proposition of “an Emergency Government” with the intention of #1: Accepting the EU’s offer of an Article 50 extension and #2: Resolving the Brexit issue via a second referendum. It will be time limited as it will be understood that there will be a general election following or on the same day as the referendum.
    NB: This will of course not be the second EU referendum but the third; the first being held on 5th June 1975.
    Of course, many Tories will be crying crocodile tears over this! This because by seizing power the “Emergency Government” of Comrade Prime Minister Corbyn will by it’s establishment ABSOLVE the Buffoon from the odium of not leaving at 11PM on Halloween 2019 and settle the issue of EU membership.

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