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    Above, the now famous exit sign on Interstate 25.

    The history of the Truth or Consequences (T or C), the county seat of Sierra County, New Mexico is most unusual and a testament to the power of the media.
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    In his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87349), Doctor North for the umpteenth time has sought to advise, educate and inform any who car to be so on the FACTS surrounding what will probably be called “the Brexit Crisis” by historians.

    Sadly, like Kassandra daughter of Trojan monarchs King Priam and Queen Hecuba, he appears cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.

    The plain simple FACT is that the choice presented to them insofar as “Brexit” is concerned is that there are two – AND ONLY TWO – ways to leave the European Union. These are:

    #1: Ratify the Withdrawal Agreement.

    #2: Do not ratify the Withdrawal Agreement and leave the European Union without a deal.

    NB: There is NO THIRD WAY!

    This desperate situation finds one asking the question; how has such a situation been allowed to develop?

    The answer of course is that there are many factors involved. However a central factor has been the sheer inadequacy of politicians (across the parties) in Westminster to come to terms with the essential issues that have to be dealt with. They are unable to face up to the consequences of their own actions.

    Part of the reason for this we suggest is that the steady transfer of competences from Westminster to Brussels since New Year’s Day 1973 has had a corrosive effect. The politicians in Westminster used to be – in 1972 and before – RULE MAKERS. Since New Year’s Day 1973 they have gradually and progressively been transformed into RULE TAKERS. In short, they are no longer up to the task of governing an independent sovereign state on their own.

    In a curious way, those who are subscribers to the Brexit Party and those who are members of UKIP should be more aware of this than most. This because many of them have spent the years since around 1970 suggesting that this was going to be precisely the result of what was originally – and misleadingly termed – “The Common Market”.

    Therefore Brexit Party subscribers and UKIP members should not be at all surprised that this atrocious situation has come about!

    Sadly, the Brexit Party subscribers and UKIP members appear to be convinced that a No Deal Brexit will be survivable and that the country “will get through it” and prosper (eventually) outside the EU.

    Sadly however, all common sense and analysis of the politics and demographics of the UK would suggest that in the event of a No Deal Brexit, a Rejoining Parliament will be elected with a government urgently seeking readmission into the EU. This of course will be granted! But sans previous opt-outs and with the requirement to join the ERM prior to joining the Eurozone and a possibility of a requirement to Schengen Area as well.

    One can expect therefore a change in political nomenclature. Those who were “Leavers” [from the EU] will become “Remainers” [outside the EU] and those who were “Remainers” [in the EU] will become “Rejoiners” [in the EU].

    The death knell for the Brexiteers in the event of a No Deal will be the outright refusal of the majority of British voters to wait for the benefits of being outside the EU. They will want the politicians to address the hardships they are suffering immediately! They won’t wait!

    The Liberal Democrats will offer the voters a quick end to their suffering. This will be to rejoin the EU on what will most likely be termed a “Fast Track”. I can imagine it now – Sidekick Swinson declaring that the EU has informed her that the UK will be “fast tracked” back into the EU ASAP.

    Of course, so far as the voters are concerned, with Sterling worth LESS than the Euro, ERM entry with Sterling at parity with the Euro will mean that their soon to be replaced pounds in their pockets will be worth more!

    • The Brexit party wants no deal.
      It won the European elections.
      Boris says if the Tories will not get us leaving, they are toast at elections.
      He has a bounce in the polls as he says leaving 31/10, deal or no deal.
      If he does not then do as he says ie; leave or goes back virtually to the May deal/treaty, they are toast indeed.
      1000s of Tories will desert and vote Brexit; and with the polls so close they will win again.
      Maybe he will do a deal; or else have some backbone and reality.
      The public want this ended and the referendum honoured.
      Sure, awful projections via Project Fear Mk 2 can be peddled; particularly if absurd assumptions are put into computers to predict the future.
      They cannot really predict from budget time to autumn statement time and get it right; so predictions for 10 years are absurd.
      All proved wrong last time in the referendum, so the public are not going to fall for it a second time.
      Have some guts to fight for what we want.

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