• Brexit: Keep calm and do nothing!

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    The BG commends it’s readers to take the advice proffered in the above image that is based on the famous WW2 era poster.

    It is what I am doing – a policy of wait and see.

    There is not really anything else sensible left to do!

    Since June 2016 nearly all that needs to be said has been said. We are simply into a cycle of repetition.

    For myself, as previously stated, I am watching the movements on the London Stock Exchange like the proverbial hawk. If as I half expect, the Buffoon sally’s forth unto Brussels on the 17th October and the European Union’s heads of government reach no agreement with the Buffoon on the 18th October and then the Buffoon faces a No Confidence Motion on Trafalgar Day, Monday 21st October 2019, such could be said to be the Buffoon’s “Waterloo”!

    Should events unfold as above, at some point whoever takes over as the occupant of #10 will likely seek an A50 extension. Should due to time and exasperation, such entreaty be declined, then “all Hell will break loose” on the London Stock Exchange. Happily for me I will by then have a certain sum of money in the bank and MIGHT if I judge it propitious, purchase some shares at greatly reduced prices!

    This judgement will be based on my assessment of the likelihood of an A50 revocation being made in these circumstances by the new occupant of #10 – whoever he or she may be!

    • That’s precisely what the EU wants us to do. Just get completely fed up with the whole damn mess, sit back and whatever happens, so be it.

      Fortunately, at least 17.4 million people in this great nation of ours are prepared to fight for what is right. I’m one of them. Are you ?

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