• “I’m dreaming of an early Christmas!”

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    Above, the Right Honourable Geoffrey Cox, PC, QC, Attorney General for England and Wales, Advocate General for Northern Ireland and the Member for Torridge and West Devon at the dispatch boc in the Commons this morning.

    The decision to televise the proceedings of the House of Commons was widely criticism and concerns were raised. However, there are occasions when a member makes a bravura performance. Mr Cox’s performance (above) this morning was one of the best for some time.
    Some of the reasons for the man’s enthusiasm for an election is to be seenin these two Labour Party posters together with the news that the Labour Conference has agreed to include the proposals contained in the aboveposter in Labour’s next election manifesto!
    GOTO: https://twitter.com/labfreemvmt
    GOTO: https://www.labourfreemovement.org/blog/

    Tory Central Office are going to love this!

    Members of the Labour Party seem to be completely unaware that they are being led up the garden path by the Tories. In their determination to avoid a no deal Brexit, Labour will use what is now known as “the Benn Act” to force the Buffoon into seeking an A50 extension. This will occur after the EU Council meeting on the 17th and 18th October. Thus we can expect on Trafalgar Day the opposition benches demand the Buffoon “obey the law” and seek an extension. If the Buffoon refuses to act immediately and prevaricates, doubtless Mrs Miller & Co. will take the government to court. Presumably we can expect a re-run of the recent antics at the Supreme Court with 11 justices ordering the Buffoon to write the infamous letter. Which presumably he will.

    This of course is what the Buffoon will be hoping for!

    That way he can plead his case before the Famous Farage, declaring that he was forced by the courts to seek an extension.

    The BG confidently expects a deal between the Brexit Party and the Tories should there be a general election in such circumstances.

    However, we think that Mr Cox should not be too confident about the chances of the Tories – even with the assistance of the Famous Farage – of obtaining a working majority after such an election. We are likely to find another “hung Parliament”. The Tories may well loose most if not all of their seats in Scotland to the SNP and the Labour and even the Lib-Dems could suffer similarly.

    Labour will hold onto most of the seats in their heartlands but will be unlikely to win those marginals they need to to form a government. The problem for the Tories is that the Famous Farage will demand a number of winnable seats made available to the Brexit Party. These are likely the seats of the “whipless Tories” such as Mr Hammond.

    The result is likely to be a coalition government. The question is which coalition?

    Expect an early bill will be the Withdrawal Bill – with confirmatory ballot attached!

    • Brilliant speech by Mr C.
      Farage has already said he wants a clear run at the Labour constituencies that voted Leave. In the light of the Remain policies Labour is now supporting, it could run especially as the Lib-Dems will also campaign to cancel Brexit.. Who else is left to vote for, unless of course they all decide to stay at home. I should think after the way a lot of MP’s have behaved, voters will be angry enough to vote quit a few of them out.

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