• Brexit: There is no such thing as No Deal!


    Given that the United Kingdom is experiencing the greatest peace time crisis since the Irish famine in the 1840s, it is only to be expected that there is uproar in the House of Commons!

    The BG has in previous posts, likened the situation vis-à-vis Brexit to “a poison chalice” and describing it as a “no win situation” – much of the furore probably down to the realisation by the MP Collective of this.

    In particular the penny (or should that be the Euro? – Ed.) may in fact be dawning upon some of these MPs that there is in FACT no such thing as a “no deal Brexit”!

    You see, should the treaties between the EU and the UK lapse at 11PM on Halloween, then in order for businesses and individuals in the UK to be able to continue trading with the EU, a series of interim deals would have to be made. The net effect of this is that the EU would impose upon the UK in effect the unacceptable Withdrawal Agreement, but in slices and set against a backdrop of logistical chaos and disruption!

    This of course will include payment of the £39 Billion!!!!!

    In other words this will be like a doctor offering a man who needs urgent surgery to remove one of his legs to prevent the spread of gangrene, a choice:

    ~ To have the leg removed WITH a general anaesthetic.

    ~ To have the leg removed WITHOUT a general anaesthetic.

    For our MPs, the choice they say is THEIRS!

    Of the Withdrawal Agreement, we would remind readers that Sir Winston Churchill, then the First Lord of the Admiralty described the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia as, “….the most insolent document of its kind ever devised….” whilst Sir Edward Grey, the Foreign Secretary at the time told the German Minister to London, Prince Lichnowsky that, “Any nation that accepted conditions like that would really cease to count as an independent nation….”

    The BG is very firmly of the opinion that by de-facto reducing the UK to the status of a dependent territory of the EU, the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU by Madame Mayhem qualifies for these same descriptions!

    The ONLY acceptable solution was outlined by the BG on Friday 5th April 2019.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/04/05/brexit-plan-b/

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