• Brexit: Fantasy politics rule the roost!


    The choice of image at the top of each BG post is important. The old phrase, “…..a picture paints a thousand words…..” is very true. This choice was made to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that Mistress Sturgeon of the SNP will have the whip hand over a Corbyn led emergency temporary government imposed by the House of Commons and not as a result of a general election.

    The “whip hand” refers of course to where the power of a British Prime Minister lies: behind them on the government benches. It is the towering majorities of previous administrations that have given past Prime Ministers power. The corollary is obviously the case: the lack of a majority causes the power to lie elsewhere. Thus, should over the next week or two a Corbyn led emergency temporary government is established, fears that such a government will impose punitive rates of income tax and expropriate private shareholders insofar as their utilities shares are concerned.

    The stated purpose of such an emergency temporary government has been made clear by those advocating such: to petition the EU with a request for an extension under the provisions of Article 50 for the purpose of holding a general election.

    The assumption that the EU in the form of the European Council would effectively “rubber stamp” such a request is wholly reasonable to make. Indeed, the chances are that were such a scenario to come about, this would be the result.

    HOWEVER: Such an outcome is NOT guaranteed!

    The EU may wish to seek a resolution to the Brexit Crisis – via imposing a requirement (for the extension) to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement but subject to a confirmatory ballot – whilst a while back this would have been thought unlikely due to the perceived interference into the internal politics of a member state, such is the extraordinary time in which we are now, this cannot be ruled out.

    NB #1: Several times now the BG has referred to the Brexit Crisis as “un grand coup de théâtre” – this because the events are a disguise as to the motives behind them. The likelihood is that far from not wanting Comrade Corbyn to oust him in “un coup de Parlement”, the Buffoon may actually (secretly) desire this. This because Brexit is a poison chalice and if the Buffoon can manoeuvre dear old Comrade Corbyn into seizing the chalice from the Buffon’s hands just before the Buffoon is forced to place the chalice to his lips and consume the contents, thus enabling the dear old Marxist gentleman to consume same!

    NB #2”: It is a well known FACT that the modern British Establishment is Europhile. Not for nothing has the BG named the present parliament the Remainer Parliament. The British Establishment were most distressed when the result of the referendum came in in the early hours of Midsummer’s Day 2016 – to their utter horror the British People had voted the wrong (for them) way!

    NB #3: Remainer and remainiac talk of the EU becoming so annoyed with the UK that it now wants the UK to leave is patent nonsense! Firstly, the EU wants the UK’s annual subscription! Secondly, the EU wants the UK to eventually join the Euro. Contrary to the fears of some Brexit party subscribers and UKIP members, the very last thing the Brussels bureaucrats want is the City of London to be stripped of it’s financial services industry and for this to be shared out between the French city of Paris and the German city of Frankfurt!

    You see, when such as the leader of the Brexit Party, The Famous Farage (For it is He!) and UKIP’s leader, Apologies for Absence Esquire declare the Euro to be “a political project”, these two patriotic but mistaken (in several ways) gentlemen hit that particular nail most squarely on the head. It is!

    You see, the whole point of the EU and the Euro is to cobble together a supra-national confederacy complete with it’s own currency that can displace the USA as the #1 economic power possessing the world’s reserve currency! To achieve this, assimilating Sterling into the Euro and making London the financial capital of the EU with the HQ of the European Central Bank (moved from Frankfurt) would be essential.

    You see, the possession by the USA of the US $ being the world’s reserve currency – the currency in which most of the commodities traded across the world are traded in – gives the USA a gigantic economic advantage over other less fortunate nations. This because it enables the USA to maintain a level of sovereign indebtedness that it would be quite impossible for it to be sustained otherwise! You see, when you understand that the motivation behind the Euro becomes obvious! This because the mountain of sovereign debt piled up by such as the French, the Italians, the Portuguese and the Spanish – underwritten to a very great extent by the German banks – would suddenly become so much more affordable and sustainable!

    But this is what is SO dangerous about the EU and Eurozone project! You see NO US politician be they Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives or President Donald Trump, would stand by and allow the EU to do this!

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