• A “Boaty McBoatface” Brexit!


    Above, TRHs the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the naming of the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

    The history of the naming of the Royal Research Ship, Sir David Attenbough is well known: The “powers that be” thought it would be a bit of good PR to allow the General Public – via the medium of the internet – to name the new research vessel.

    Presumably they were either expecting and/or hoping that the public would choose a suitable name. To their horror, the public chose (by a substantial margin) “Boaty McBoatface!”

    Thus the “powers that be” decided that this choice was unacceptable and chose to name the ship after the famous broadcaster and presenter now well known for his views on “climate change”.

    As a sop to public opinion they decided to name a small submersible drone, Boaty McBoatface.

    The same horror of course attended all those Remainers and Remainiacs shedding tears on the morning of Midsummer’s Day 2016!

    One reacted in anger suggesting that since the vote was advisory and Brexit would be a disaster Parliament should simply set it aside and put up with the adverse consequences!
    YES, David Lindon Lammy – we are referring to YOU!
    Thus patriots, many of whom campaigned against the Common Market/EC/EEC/EU for decades, should not be at all surprised that these Remainers and Remainiacs are fighting all the way and although the excellent and learned Doctor North sees a “No Deal Brexit” as a very likely prospect, the BG does not!

    We expect either Second Referendum conducted under the terms of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 c. 41 or a confirmatory vote outside the aforesaid act pursuant to clauses added to the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the EU and the administration of Madame Tragique Thérèse Mayhem!

    In both cases the choice presented to the British People will be ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement (which will cause the UK to become a dependent territory of the EU for an indeterminate period) OR to remain a member of the EU by revoking the notification with leave pursuant to Article 50!

    Whilst angry and disappointed, patriots should not be surprised. After all, the EU has form! If the people don’t vote the way the EU wants in a referendum, the referendum is re-run until the people vote the way the EU wants them to!

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