• This is the month that is!

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    Above, an altered video-capture image of the title screen of “That was the Week that was”

    So…. October 2019 has finally arrived!

    “That was the Week that was”, was a ground-breaking satirical current affairs commentary in the early 1960s.

    It is still remembered by those who were viewers at the time.

    Accepting the Irish Famine of the mid 1840s was an event of some years, insofar as months are concerned, October 2019 threatens to be the month in which the greatest peacetime crisis to occur in these islands since August 1720 and the bursting of the South Sea Bubble.

    Ironically, some causes appear to be the same; stupidity and ignorance. Stupidity on those who should have known better and ignorance of those too idle to master their briefs.
    Will it end well?
    Well, that depends on your perspective. If you are Sidekick Swinson you”ll likely be delighted at the expected extension granted by the EU – however the said extension has been arrived at – be it by Comrade Corbyn or A N Other being appointed Prime Minister and beseeching Brussels for extra time or by such as Speaker Bercow (For it is He!) asking on behalf of the House of Commons following the passing of a motion to mandate same following the passing of an Act to allow same.

    Of course, if the country takes the path preferred by Comrade Corbyn: an extension to allow for a general election, the likely prospect will be another hung Parliament and no forward progress: Ground-hog Day, House of Commons style!

    IF you’re asking for predictions, I’d suggest either the so-called “People’s Vote” aka a Second Referendum or a Confirmatory Ballot attached to an amended a Withdrawal (European Union) Agreement Act.

    Doubtless, the choice will be the same:

    Choice #1: Leave the EU on the terms laid down in the Withdrawal (European Union) Agreement Act.

    Choice #2: Remain in the EU pursuant to the Provisions of Article 50 of the TEU.

    This is of course a choice between two equally unpalatable options for many subscribers to the Brexit Party and members of UKIP.

    So…. Some readers may ask: “What should I/we do?”

    Should such circumstances come to pass, the BG will suggest that those who ascribe to themselves the label “Brexiteer” should sally forth to the polling station and spoil their ballot paper with a suitable message inscribed across it. You see, the more spoilt ballot papers there are the less legitimate the poll will appear to be.

    • What’s the point of spoiling a ballot paper.
      Have some courage.
      Vote Brexit; they did so well to WIN the European elections.
      We know they all stand to leave if need be on World Trade Terms.
      Do not vote Tory and get the same rag tag and bobtail of different beliefs by MPs who will again ignore the manifestos on which they stand.
      Stand up for what you believe and say it and mean it have courage.

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