• A written request for a miracle.


    Above, Paolo Veronese’s renaissance masterpiece The Wedding at Cana. Hanging in the Louvre in Paris, this painting is one of Europe’s great art treasures. The importance and significance of the event portrayed is of course obvious. Also obvious of course is that the events portrayed whilst real, are clearly fictional! When the apostle John (2:1-12) recorded The Lord’s attendance and miracle, he made no illustration. However we can be quite certain that the baroque architecture in Veronese’s painting did not exist. Nor was the feast attended by contemporary (1562/1563) important worthies such as King Francis I of France, Emperor Charles V or Suleiman the Magnificent! What Veronese’s masterpiece represents is a piece of political flattery. It is intended to convey two messages, one important and (until the second coming) long lasting and the other one of pure political sycophancy. Sadly, in the artistic sense at least, the later completely obscures the former!

    Moving forward some 456 years to the present day, we have sight of The Buffoon’s letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.
    GOTO: PM_letter_to_Juncker.pdf
    This missive is of course an entirely different communication from an entirely different man! It (the letter) is not a written account of a miracle. But it is a written request for a miracle! This because there is NO WAY the EU is going to accept this, except, MAYBE as the basis for further negotiation. But then the Buffoon has declared that this letter amounts to the UK’s final offer. In any event, unless an A50 extension is agreed, time has run out!

    In other words, the Buffoon’s statement that this represents a “genuine attempt to bridge the chasm” is as bogus as the renaissance buildings in Veronese’s masterpiece.

    Anyone taken in by the Buffoon’s statement is as gullible as those 16th Century persons who, looking at the painting, actually thought it an accurate rendition of that real event!

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