• History repeating itself?


    The above YouTube video is unusual because whilst it has all the appearances of being a broadcast from 1957, it was actually broadcast in 1997!

    The song was written by Alex Gifford and is performed by the Propellerheads with Shirley Bassey as the vocalist. The retro style broadcast was part of BBC TV jazz show, “Jazz 1200”, hosted by Roger Humphries who for the performance, donned black tie rig (together with a suitable “Home Counties presentation) in the manner harking back to 1957.

    The reason for the the title of this post and the publishing of the above is that the last time a Queen’s Speech was voted down at the end of the debate on same was in 1924 which forced the resignation of Stanley Baldwin and his replacement by Ramsay McDonald.

    The week commencing Sunday 13th October 2019 is set to be an eventful one! For us there is the Morvah Feast – a special service. The following day, Monday and the start of the “working week” we have HM opening Parliament to be followed (in the Commons) by the Queen’s Speech debate. This is scheduled to last until Friday when a vote will likely be held. The next day is a special Saturday sitting to debate “Brexit”. On Thursday (17th) and Friday (18th) the EU Council Meeting takes place in Brussels which means that on Friday PM the question of “Deal” or “No Deal” will be settled.

    Expect the Queen’s Speech to be voted down on Friday evening!

    Expect wild fury and much noise in the Commons on Saturday.

    We are likely to see yet more indecision! There will be no majority for any one course except one: a a demand to request an extension under A50!

    This could me made by Speaker Bercow (For it is He!). It could formally be presented on Monday 21st October 2019 (Trafalgar Day).

    Conventional wisdom has it that the EU will automatically grant the extension. If advanced. the extension might be conditional on the UK “behaving itself”!

    However, it is not certain that an extension will be offered. It is possible that President Orban of Hungary may veto such a request stating that it is against the express wish of a government of a member state and that the EU takes not of the governments of the member states, not their legislatures. If this turns out to be the case then Monday 21st or possible Tuesday 22nd will turn out to be eventful days! Faced with a No Deal Brexit, the MPs could finally unseat the Buffoon’s administration and put in it’s replacement: An administration led by Comrade Corbyn!

    Such an administration would beseech Brussels to reconsider an A50 extension. President Orban of Hungary may vote for an extension this time around as it will have been made by a government.

    Then we might have a General Election. Or maybe a Confirmatory Ballot as a result of the Withdrawal Bill being passed – it being subject to one. This may be a condition laid down by the EU.

    The problem with having a General Election immediately following this débâcle is that the public will not have a high opinion of many MPs and these MPs know that! It may well be a question of turkeys wanting to avoid Christmas! It may be a case of the emergency temporary coalition government nominally led by Comrade Corbyn – but completely unable to push his socialist programme through – that limps on like a wounded beast until May 2022 when it will at last be put out of it’s misery! This will be in the hope more than the expectation thereof that as Mr Micawber was oft to say, “Something will turn up!”

    In other words, IF such were to be the case, not only would this go down in the annals of British history as the Remainer Parliament but the Micawber Parliament as well!

    IF there is a No Deal Brexit then of course Mr Micawber’s other famous quote comes into play!
    “Welcome poverty!..Welcome misery, welcome houselessness, welcome hunger, rags, tempest, and beggary! Mutual confidence will sustain us to the end!”
    God help us!

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