• Good Governance Gone!


    In the publicity to promote a book, David “The Chameleon” Cameron lamented his calling the EU Referendum. Looking back with the wisdom of hindsight he now thinks it a very bad idea! Well, it is said that hindsight is the wisdom of fools!

    Of course, “The Chameleon’s” lamentations focus on the result: that the British People voted to LEAVE the European Union. HAD the vote gone the other way, “The Chameleon” and the rest of the Europhile establishment would have happily carried on handing yet more sovereignty over the the EU like a stripper getting her kit off.

    The black farce that is the Brexit Saga has demonstrated to the world the validity of the law of unexpected consequences, the law in question being the European Communities Act 1972. This because from New Year’s Day 1973 there had been a steady transfer of sovereign power from the UK to the EC/EEC/EU. The result has been an atrophy of self governance. The incompetence and the lack of basic understanding of how the EU works that is found in the British Political Establishment (Remainers and Leavers alike) is staggering.

    Brexiteer Jett Taylor takes Andrea Leadsom to task in this video.
    Mr Taylor is right in that any attempt at such an ignorant and amateurish prank will be thrown out by the courts faster than you can say “Lady Hale”.

    About the image: Adapted from a “Kool Aid” illustration, the reader will note the mention of Vitamin “O”. There is of course no such vitamin “O” dodgy characters claim their products contain “vitamin O” – GOTO: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-452/vitamin-o

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