• The Ups and Downs of Brexit!

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    Above (and behind the logo), Thornton Manor, Wirral where yesterday, the Buffoon’s meeting with the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar took place.
    GOTO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thornton_Manor
    I have a very sensible friend. They like the occasional flutter. From time to time they put a little money on a horse and play the lottery regularly – but only one ticket per draw. In other words, the amount of money they spend on gambling is small. The occasional win is of course a source of pleasure. Since the amount of money lost is in relation to their income insignificant, their losses do not impinge upon their quality of life. These are the actions of a sensible person in possession of a good amount of plain old common sense!

    Your Editor however, Dear Reader is cast of a somewhat different mould! My late mother, were she still with us would wag her finger and say three words. These words would be, “Great Uncle Clarence.” This would refer to the late Clarence Wade Esquire. Clarence was the son of my great grandfather Thomas Park Wade Esquire. Mr Wade was a classic Victorian success story of a working class man who by his intelligence, initiative and sheer hard work – and risk taking – built a very successful business and became very rich! The sort of person the late Mrs Thatcher would idolise.

    Now, TP Wade was a very ambitious man. For himself and for his family. He had two sons and a daughter. One son, Herbert had what are now called “learning difficulties” and was “looked after”. Rather than put him in an institution, Mr Wade arranged that Herbert marry a nurse. The couple were given a small cottage in the country and a modest income – the idea was to keep them out of the way. For his daughter – my grandmother – Mr Wade had plans. He intended that she be married off to a member of the upper class. However, my grandmother was a strong character and her intended was not a member of the upper class but a middle class bank clerk by the name of Mr Younghusband. This annoyed Mr Wade. Mr Wade however did not cut his daughter off with nothing. Instead he bought her a spacious 4 bedroom semi-detached house in a respectable area of Leeds and furnished it informing her that this was her inheritance and she would not get any more! Thus, when Mr TP Wade departed this life, his son Clarence inherited his fortune.

    Clarence liked “wine, women and song”. He also gambled. As a result, he went bankrupt!

    Thus, Great Uncle Clarence was always held up to me as how NOT to live your life!

    Therefore I do not drink alcohol (much). Nor do I play a musical instrument. Nor do I take part in the church “singing group” which for reasons know to others is not called a choir.

    However: Lotteries. Lotteries are said to be a tax on fools. I play the Post Code Lottery. Why? Essentially for the same reasons why I took part in the annual office sweep stake on the Friday before the Grand National – because to do otherwise would not be “mixing” and “being social.” In December 2013 I sold the family home and downsized. My property – whilst nice – is in the Category “A” for council tax band. This means that my neighbours are not lawyers, consultant surgeons, professors and nationally famous sportsmen – as they were in Leeds. Because of this, were those ordinary folk who are my neighbours to win, I could justly join in their celebrations.

    Thus it could be easy for me to say, “I do not gamble (much).” But that would not be correct. I do. I occasionally gamble with very large sums. “Large” of course is a relative term. What constitutes “large” to my neighbours would not constitute “large” to such as Bill Gates! However, £42,000 is a sum most people would consider large! This is the sum I “gambled” when I bought some Royal Dutch Shell shares when they were trading in the mid £15 – £16 range. That gamble paid off.

    My current gamble is an intention (not yet effected) to purchase 10,000 Lloyds Bank shares.

    I am waiting. Waiting for the price to drop substantially below 50 pence per share. The stock reached that a day or two ago. However, I was hoping for something like 45 pence. Currently, as a result of the meeting yesterday at Thornton Manor the price is over 57 pence.

    IF – and it is a VERY big “if” – there is a deal and the UK leaves the EU with such a deal on Halloween, I will well and truly have missed that particular boat! The Buffoon will be acclaimed as “The Hero of Brexit!” Tories will acclaim him as “Alexander the Great!” There will of course be a General Election and there would be little doubt as to the result! Prime Minister Johnson will take the role of Alexander the Great whilst Comrade Corbyn will be allotted the role of Darius III, Emperor of Persia!
    My friend, the learned Doctor North is wisely sceptical of these latest developments (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87389). As am I.
    Here’s watching. And waiting….

    • Britain has faced and overcome many threats throughout its long history, but the crisis it faces today is unprecedented and of a different nature to any previous one.

      Unlike military conflicts in the past where the enemy was clearly identified,, we now face a clever and powerful pan-European adversary, aided and abetted by collaborators within our own Parliament.

      It is a political war of stealth, conspiracy and propaganda, which by its very nature is much more difficult to overcome. The tactics may be different but the aim remains similar, to force Britain into submission, under the influence of a foreign power against the will of the majority of the British people.

      Britain is currently under attack in a new type of political war which we are currently in danger of losing. PM Johnson knows exactly what he is up against and, the MSM and BBC, with EU funding thro’ its Media Grant system spreads the EU’s propaganda.

      Public apathy will facilitate our downfall which is where you and I come in. Shout your support for Brexit from the roof tops, from every angle. Together, we win. Divided, we fall to the MSM.

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