• Brexit: A Farce!


    Above, The Dear Prime Minister!

    The long running black comedy farce, “Brexit” now playing at L’Berlaymont, Rue de la Loi 200, 1049 Bruxelles is in it’s final act. Many of the central characters are there including of course The Buffoon. Other lesser characters such as Comrade Corbyn, however are in the wings awaiting their entrance onto a different stage, the Palace [of Fools], Westminster in London SW!

    Of the latter, Comrade Corbyn was seen rehearsing his part. That of voting against The Buffoon’s deal along with the DUP led by Madame Formidable and the incorrectly named Liberal Democrats (who aren’t Liberals and are not Democrats) led by Sidekick Swinson.

    Of course, The Buffoon glories in self deprecation and has turned this into a political art form. The reason why the Tories voted the Buffoon into #10 was that they perceived (correctly) that he was the undoubted pick of the Tory bunch insofar as getting them re-elected with a majority is concerned. His principal opponent in the forthcoming election is of course that museum exhibit from the 1980s, Comrade Corbyn! Comrade Corbyn is in his element leading a demonstration but whilst enthusing what our American friends call “the base” he has little success with the “floating voter”.

    Of course, what Comrade Corbyn appears not to be aware of is that The Buffoon is attempting to manoeuvre him into a trap. You see, The Buffoon will now have his Commons sitting “Super Saturday” billed as the Westminster equivalent of the Gunfight at the OK Coral. Comrade Corbyn will muster his forces including Old Labour McDonnell of Marxist Farm, Long March Bailey and the Abbess of Hackney of the Order of the Black Sisterhood. Together this curious collection of assorted Remainiacs and Ultra Brexiteers will vote down the motion commending the Withdrawal Bill and the New Protocol in order to force the Buffoon to write the Statutory Letter of Beseechment seeking an A50 extension.

    Of course, what many will not expect will likely occur on Trafalgar Day, Monday 21st October 2019 – which happens to the the BG’s 10th anniversary! This will be that the extension request might be REJECTED!

    This of course will send the FTSE and Sterling plummeting!

    And enable Yours Truly to purchase 10,000 Lloyds Bank shares [hopefully].

    This will put the Fear of Something into the assembled ranks of Remainiacs and they will call for a Motion of No Confidence in what passes for Her Majesty’s Government these days.

    Maybe Comrade Corbyn will become PM. Whoever will have been handed the poison chalice will immediately plead with the EU to change their mind and to grant an extension. If they do the original Withdrawal Bill will be passed with a confirmatory referendum attached to it and the government will campaign for a Remain vote.

    After this there will be a General Election and maybe the return of the Tories with a majority.

    The chances are that the UK will NOT leave the EU.

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