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    At midnight last night, a very important event took place: Abortion was decriminalised and “same sex marriage” was legalised in Northern Ireland. This to the fury of this lady!These measures were enacted by the authority of the UK Parliament in Westminster overriding the authority of the Northern Ireland Assembly and imposing the views of the politically correct MP collective on Ulster.

    I happen to know that many BG readers will feel similarly outraged as they hold views of these areas that are not the same as those as for instance, this lady.The reason why I draw your attention to the events in Ulster Dear Reader, is this: Politicians (sane and sensible ones that is) think long and hard before using their power to impose LAW on a supposedly sovereign state or a province with a varying level of autonomy in defiance of the settled will of the population in this state/province. This because if things go wrong events can go the way events have sadly gone in Hong Kong!
    This is why we demure somewhat from some of Doctor North’s suggestions – contained in his blog-post today (http://eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=87401) as to the possible reactions of the EU to the self inflicted predicament the fools in the Palace of Westminster have landed this great country!

    The reason why the BG cites Doctor North’s blog so frequently is because it is so well informed a commentary as to what is going on! Unlike the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat whose competence is clearly minimal. For instance, the BBC has published on it’s website the flow-chart below.This of course is incorrect! We have therefore published a corrected version in line with the reality of the situation as described by Doctor North!Doctor North ventures to suggest the possibility of the EU making the granting of an A50 extension on the requirements of holding a general election or a second referendum.


    Let us remember what Count Hoyos said of Austria’s ultimatum to Serbia in July 1914, that the demands “…..were really of such a nature that no nation that still possessed self-respect and dignity could possibly accept them.”

    To make the offer of an A50 extension conditional upon a general election in actual fact DEMANDS the resignation of the government. I do NOT recall an event in history where such a demand has been issued by one state (or alliance of states) to another during peacetime! Such demands have ONLY ever been made when a state of WAR has existed!

    Let me remind our readers: This country is NOT at war with the European Union!

    Similarity, the condition for a Second Referendum is an insistence by a collection of states for another state to enact legislation.

    The EU should – if they have any sense of statecraft – be looking to detach themselves as far away as possible to the consequences of the UK’s feckless actions. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to offer a very long extension to Sunday 31st March 2024 as new MEPs have to be selected in April 2024 – as mentioned in our post yesterday.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2019/10/20/brexit-kicked-into-the-long-grass/
    Of course, to look after it’s own interests the EU may well impose conditions of any such extension. These could include:
    #1: The requirement [for the UK] to appoint an EU Commissioner. NB: It is possible that the EU will stipulate that the new commissioner will be “without portfolio” – in other words will have nothing to do unless requested or directed by the new Commission President!

    #2: The requirement [for the UK] to a policy of sincere co-operation insofar as EU affairs is concerned.

    #3: The requirement [for the UK] to ABSTAIN on any votes UNLESS the UK is specifically the subject of such a vote.

    #4: The requirement [for the UK] to accept that negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement will be CLOSED.

    Such terms would of constitute “an insolent document” – the words used by Winston Churchill to describe Austrians ultimatum to Serbia – and one which IF a British Prime minister accepts them would have the great man spinning in his grave!

    Of course, it is entirely possible that the Buffoon will NOT accept them, leaving it to the Remainer Parliament to pass yet another Abdication of Sovereignty Act to direct the government to accept said terms!

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